Victoria Beckham Designs Denim For Her VVB Line, All The Pieces Totally Reflect Her Aesthetic And Are Wearable

Jeans aren't something we often see the former Post Spice wear often, nor do we see her smile very frequently either, but that doesn't mean she doesn't know her way around some denim (or that she's a total sourpuss 24/7). Victoria Beckham designed amazing denim pieces without watering down her high fashion, majorly feminine aesthetic, and the results are amazing.

The designer and former Spice Girl has added her denim line to her Victoria Victoria Beckham resort collection. It is the first collection to include her denim range, according to Women's Wear Daily. VVB was actually first conceived as a dress range back in 2012, but the designer is excited to add denim and shirts to it. Evolve or die, right? Even in fashion!

Overall, the pieces in VVB are amazing, especially the dresses, and everything retaisn the signature Beckham look. That is, the pieces play with loads of volume. And when I looked at the voluminous cape and the square shift dress, I thought, "They look exactly like Posh designs." Because they are!

Beckham previewed and discussed the range with WWD, revealing how it fits with her main brand and for her customer. She believes that the denim x VVB range, which is not a diffusion line, is something her core costumer wants to wear.

And get this — Beckham DOES wear jeans. There's the photographic proof.

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Okay, so here's what to know about these pieces, which surely look high fashion.

1. VB Would Wear This Collection

The former pop star told WWD, "It's exactly what I want in my wardrobe. These are things that I want to wear, and I think these are things that my customer wants to wear." How couldn't you love the flowers and the fluffy sleeves?

2. Circus Act

The circus was a source of inspo for this collection and I feel like I see that in some of the brightness and boldness.

As for jeans? Well, some of the denim styles include wide-leg culottes, skinny jeans in a faded wash with patched vinyl flowers, and other fits.

3. Not A Diffusion Line

Beckham also wanted to make it clear that VVB is not a diffusion line. The items are less pricy, but there is no sacrifice in terms of quality or fabric. The pieces are still designer; the cape x jacket above is way fashion forward.

The mother of four also labeled the VVB set as "the other side to her wardrobe," referring to the fashionista who wears Victoria Beckham pieces. Check out those wide legs!

She also noted that this collection might attract younger style mavens, too. These looks are way youthful and fresh, with a '70s inspo.


One other thing Beckham made clear? Her Posh Spice looks of the '90s will not be inspiring this range! "They will probably be horrifying most of my team," she joked.

That's like a knife to my '90s lovin' heart. Vic, nothing you do is "horrifying," but more critically, the nostalgia for the '90s is at an all-time high! Capitalize on that shiz, even with one nostalgic piece, since you were such a part of that era. Maybe? No? Okay, fine.

The dresses are also easy-to-covet.

Flower power.

Shades of grey.

Who doesn't love a trumpet hem?

How mod! It's like architecture. I want the black one... now! It's frilly without being super fussy.

LBDWB — little black dress with bow. Must own, hands down.

VB and VVB do no wrong.

Images: Courtesy Victoria Victoria Beckham (11) ; Getty (2)