Channing Tatum Performs ‘Magic Mike’ Scripts By Elementary School Students & It Makes The Movie Even Better — VIDEO

I feel like pretty much every living straight woman (and plenty of men) has at this point seen and loved Magic Mike and can't wait for the upcoming sequel, Magic Mike XXL . What's not to love about a stripper movie featuring really hot guys with great bodies? This is a question I ponder daily. But here's an even better question: What happens when you tell a bunch of elementary school kids to write a script based on the title Magic Mike, without knowing anything else about it? We found out the answer to that question on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, June 23, when Tatum and Fallon performed the new Magic Mike scripts. Needless to say, the result was quite different from the original, not to mention absolutely hilarious.

Not only did we get to see a script written by an 8-year-old boy named Steven, which featured a storyline about a bike with a flat tire, but there was also a brilliant scene written by 6-year-old Asher in Pennsylvania that seriously cracked me up. Kids really do say the darndest things, and Tatum and Fallon have the right sense of humor to bring those things to life.

Here are the best moments from their performance (and believe me, there were tons).

Calling Upon Magic Mike Like Some Kind Of Genie

Because seriously, if your bike had a flat tire and you had somewhere to be, why wouldn't you call on Magic Mike to fix it? You have a schedule to keep, after all, and magic is quicker than replacing your tire by hand, right?

Magic Mike Is Like Regular Mike, But With Magic

Hey, you can't argue with the logic of children. Young Steven, who wrote this script, has it all figured out, and it makes a lot of sense to me!

Just Fix Josh's Bike Already, Magic Mike

Kids also have a sassiness that's hilarious because it's so blunt and to the point, and Steven's script is no exception. He doesn't care that Magic Mike has magic. He knows all that. He just wants his bike fixed so he can be on his way.

Of Course Magic Mike Has A Magic Bike Pump

Because how else would he fix Josh's bike? It would help if he could see the bike, of course, but details, details...

Maybe Magic Doesn't Exist After All

I mean, Steven raises a good point. He wanted Magic Mike's magic, not some stupid bike pump. He could have done that himself!

Magic Mike Sucks At His Job

When it came to 6-year-old Asher's script, it was clear that Magic Mike was no hero — or at least not a very good one.


Magic Mike is magical, after all. He's going to protect this planet from aliens if it's the last thing he does. Or he'll get fired by his boss, one or the other.

To watch the full video of Fallon and Channing performing Magic Mike, click play below and enjoy!

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