Men And Women React To Gross Pregnancy Facts, So Be Sure To Fist Bump Your Mom When You're Done Watching — VIDEO

Pregnancy is a beautiful, astounding miracle. But it's also gross. I'm sorry, but it is. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. BuzzFeed separately made men react to pregnancy facts and women react to pregnancy facts, and the results are hilarious. They hit their peak when they all find out that babies pee in the uterus, then drink the pee, then pee again, then drink it again. (I'm sorry, but isn't that common knowledge?) Anyway, the miracle of life has a few nasty turns along the way, and it moves your organs around, which exactly no one in the video was pleased about. So, next time you chalk pregnancy up to cravings and morning sickness (and, ya know, giving birth), you should know there's a few other components.

My good friend recently announced that she’s expecting a child and I’m sincerely considering sending her this video as a “congratulations” gift. It’d be... informative? Or perhaps expecting mothers are a little busy with bearing life, and really don’t need their sacred vessel-dom weighted down. Regardless, the male/female divide is about to rear its ugly head, as we ~explore~ how men and women react to the exact same pregnancy facts.

Here are a few tidbits:

A woman's uterus can expand about 500 times during pregnancy.

Woman are horrified.


And the men are in shock.


From the second trimester, babies pee in the uterus, then drink it.

Men are chill.


Oh, wait, no. That's not a thing that men are.

Women are now convinced their children are aliens.


Stands to reason.

Do your own side-by-side comparison, with the women reacting to pregnancy facts full video:

Boldly on YouTube

And the men reacting to pregnancy facts:

Boldly on YouTube

I guarantee you that you'll walk away singing the "Circle of Life" at the top of your lungs.

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