Get Ready For A Magical Baby On 'OUAT'

The stars of Once Upon A Time may not have a love story as epic as their onscreen characters, but it's about to get a little more exciting. Ginnifer Goodwin is pregnant with her first child, People reports. The actress, who plays Snow White on ABC's fairytale drama, is currently engaged to her onscreen Prince Charming, Josh Dallas.

Whenever a TV actress announces a pregnancy, her show's writers have to figure out whether they will incorporate it into the show, or start having her stand behind a lot of tables, boxes and in this case, dwarves. Lucky for the writers of OUAT, they've already begun setting up for a Snow White pregnancy storyline.

In the recent episode "Ariel," when all of the main characters had to reveal their darkest secrets in order to gain access to a magical cave (it was in Neverland, guys), Snow's was that she wants to have another baby when they return to Storybrooke, since she kind of missed out on the first 27 years of her other kid's life. When she first said it, the possibility seemed far away thanks to a variety of plotlines, but with this news, it seems like we might be getting a new baby next season on OUAT.

It might be easier for the writers to just include the pregnancy at first, but if Snow and Charming are to have another baby, it will probably bring a lot of other changes to the show. To start, they have to get out of Neverland at some point this season, because no one is making any babies when Peter Pan's shadow and a bunch of Lost Boys are lurking around every corner.

And once that happens, there will probably have to be a whole new storyline that involves the baby in some way. Regina is no longer a villain and if they leave Neverland, Peter Pan will have been destroyed. Rumplestiltskin is also indisposed at the moment, so the show will need a new bad guy. How about someone trying to steal the new baby— because it will obviously be another savior/hero/prophecy of some kind.

This real life pregnancy could make for a great fourth season of OUAT, with one exception. Emma is going to be all kinds of annoying about seeing her parents raising a second kid after abandoning her (it may have been to save a whole world, but she's still not over it). But don't worry, if Charming can take down multiple guards in a sword fight while holding infant Emma in one arm, he should be able to deal with a passive-aggressive adult.

On second thought...

Image: OnceUponATimegifs/Tumblr