Ranking 'Veronica Mars' Men On Summer Boyfriend Potential, But Be Warned: Weevil Isn't Exactly A Beach Guy

Summer is officially here, and that means one thing: Time to marathon all of your favorite shows in the confines of an air-conditioned home! One show that should definitely be on your TV marathon list is Veronica Mars , for a variety of reasons, but I'll name a few: Logan, Duncan, Piz, Wallace, Troy, Leo, Weevil, and Dick. If you're looking for a summer "boyfriend," look no further than Veronica Mars , because the VM boys have great S.B.P. (Summer Boyfriend Potential). But, how do they compare to each other? Well, that's a mystery all on its own.

All of the men on Veronica Mars are great guys, for the most part. It just depends on what you're looking for. Do you want someone who is witty and has pool access — summer can be hot as Hell — or are you looking for someone who will happily curl up on the couch with you and allow absolutely no humidity, whatsoever, to seep into the your apartment, all while you watch Seinfeld on Hulu? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before picking a Veronica Mars summer boyfriend.

If you need help, allow me to list what these characters have to offer, from lowest S.B.P. to highest S.B.P.

8. Weevil

I love Weevil, I do. But this is a classic "homeboy wore combat boots to the beach" situation we have on our hands. Weevil's style is biker-chic, which totally works for him, but something tells me his leather jacket isn't going to work well for the beach scene you want for the summer. And the motorcycle... in a dress... my thighs are already sticking to the leather seat.

7. Troy

He's going to want to go to TJ (Tijuana), and that's fine... but the humidity, you guys. The frizz factor would not work for me. If you're #blessed with frizz-free, screw-humidity hair, then maybe Troy would rank higher on the list for you.

6. Logan

This pains me because I'm a Logan and Veronica (LoVe) 'shipper. But, Logan doesn't seem like he'd be someone who got really into summer. Maybe that's good for you, but when it comes to summer park concerts, day drinking, or even a farmer's market trip... I can't see him being very into that. Plus side: He's got access to a pool at the Neptune Grand.

5. Leo

Leo would definitely be up for trying new things during the summer. He's definitely a grill-guy, so prepare to BBQ like nobody's business. Hours for law enforcement are tricky, though, so you might not get as much time outside with him as you'd like.

4. Duncan

Now that Duncan lives off the coast of Australia, he's definitely got the summer lifestyle figured out. He'd also probably get involved in a summer beach volleyball team, which would definitely be fun to "watch." (By watch, I mean lay out and get some sun.)

3. Wallace

How could you not want to spend a summer with Wallace? He's always — always — game for new things (but don't take advantage of that quality, please). Whether you want to go hiking, or maybe play a game of pickup basketball, Wallace will never say no.

2. Dick

Yes, Dick does a great job of living up to his name. But, that aside, he's got a pool, loves to surf — free surf lessons — and is definitely someone who would want to make the most of the summer days and nights. Plus, something tells me he could serenade you on the beach with a bonfire and acoustic cover of "Wonderwall."

1. Piz

No question in my mind that Piz has the highest S.B.P. due to his cool boy personality, witty sense of humor, and goofy nature. Think amusement parks, park picnics, beach days, al fresco dining, all with Piz. Not a bad idea, right?

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