5 Reasons You Need To Date A Dog Lover

Unlike cats who are prone to hiding, dogs are totally social and will not do strange things like run and hide in a pot in your kitchen cabinet, (true story). Now depending on what you’re looking for in a potential lover a cat-person might be perfect. But if perhaps you’re more on the extroverted social side of things, you should definitely date a dog lover.

My dog Sparky (look I was 10 when I named him) chewed up my ballet shoes, stole the neighbor’s broom, and pissed on several bushes. He also had a tendency to wheeze uncontrollably at the veterinarian’s office. In other words, he was a badass. Sure he was a little bit on the loopy side, but it was all in the name of FUN. You bishes get what I’m saying?

Do you want someone loyal like a freaking loyalist? Someone super fun and up for any adventure, yet stable and attentive? Then you ought to date a dog lover. If they're adept at cleaning up sh*t and torn up homework they won't have any problem taking care of you while you're sick and throwing up. Because dog lovers are nurturers. Here are several reasons to date a dog lover.

1. Dog Lovers Are Easy Going

So you come home and you find out your favorite MAC lipstick has been eaten and vomited onto the floor. Or that your dog broke your favorite Brancusi-esqe statue. Well guess what, sh*t happens. Uptight dog lovers are not. They're used to rolling with the punches, because they have to.

2. Dog Lovers Are Friendly

And no I'm not just being biased. Studies show that dog lovers are more outgoing and extroverted than cat owners or non-pet owners. When you own an animal who considers it normal to sniff butts as an introduction, it only stands to reason that the owner is friendly too. Just not that friendly.

3. Dog Own Are Active

If you prefer chillin on the couch while watching WWE, maybe you don’t want someone active. But if you’re an active type, i.e. you like running on the beach with the wind in your hair or hiking to the top of a mountain to catch the vista than a dog lover would be right up your alley. Plus, dogs can help you reach your fitness goals as well. It's a win win.

4. Dog Owners Are Forgiving

SShenanigans. Those damn dogs are always getting themselves into nonsense. Tearing up homework, eating shoes, tearing down curtains, or peeing where they’re not supposed to. Dog owners clean up many a mess and are abundantly forgiving. I’m not saying that gives you license to act like a dirt bag in the hopes of being easily forgiven. However you can rest assured a dog-lover won’t lord something over your head once they’ve forgiven you. Imagine saying to Rover “remember the time you broke my Ming vase?” No bueno. Dog owners are able to accept the occasional slip up and move on.

5. Dog Owners Are Responsible

Caring for another animal who finds it perfectly acceptable to wake you up at 6 a.m. to go to the bathroom, requires fortitude and responsibility. You actually have to get up, throw on some clothes, and take the little bugger out. Dog owners can't just slack off and tell Rover to take a hike or they might end up having to scrub poop out of their carpets.

Images: Hot Dudes With Dogs/Instagram; Toast Meets World/Instagram; Rachel Khona/Instagram; Hot Dudes with Dogs/Instagram; Joderun /Instagram