How To Sweat Less Under Your Arms, So You Can Raise The Roof All Summer Long

Sometimes au naturel stinks. We love going green, are totally down with (most) our bodies' natural functions, and are all about being and going organic, but let's face it - sweaty pits are the worst. Now that summer is here, we can't stop wondering how to sweat less under your arms? It seems our options are limited to experimenting with questionable home remedies or suffering through rivers of sweat on hot summer days.

We don't want to do away with sweat entirely. It's a healthy process for our bodies that serves all kinds of great purposes. Your body has two kinds of sweat glands. The eccrine glands cover your whole body (except your lips) and produce the clear, odorless sweat that drips off your whole body in Bikram. The aprocine glands are located in the genitalia and in arm pits and produce a thicker sweat which reacts with (healthy) skin bacteria to produce that ripe body odor we all know and love.

According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, both types of glands are activated by nerves in response to:

  • messages from the brain indicating that the body is too hot
  • hormones
  • emotions
  • physical activity or exercise

We may not be able to completely master our nerves, hormones, or emotions, but these five strategies will definitely help you sweat less under your arms.

1. Wear Cool Clothing


For summer days, select fabrics that won't retain heat and moisture. Cotton, silk, and moisture-wicking fabrics are great options for girls who get a little juicy. Some mesh a la Madonna never hurt anyone. If you're prone to boob sweat, belly sweat, underarm sweat or all of the above, definitely avoid solid colored tops. Moisture is more likely to show through. What a great opportunity to show off all your adorable summer prints.

2. Watch What You Eat


If your hot sauce causes your forehead to sweat, your armpits are in trouble. This may seem like a no-brainer, but steer clear of spicy foods. Your triple pepper Szechuan specialty is not the best option for date night. Caffeine can also increase sweating, so go easy on coffee, tea, and energy drinks— especially before events that may trigger emotional sweating (first dates, work presentations, etc.). Alcohol can also make you sweat more, so weigh the pros and cons before having that second beer.

3. Wear Antiperspirants


The secret to success with antiperspirants is in the application. If you know you're prone to sweat, or you have a sweat-inducing event, apply an antiperspirant like Certain Dri to skin the night before. Reapply again in the morning. It is important to apply to completely dry skin. swiping on after you hop out of the shower and are running for the door. The National Cancer Institute says that links between aluminum-based antiperspirants and breast cancer are inconclusive—it is an ongoing topic of research—just keep informed before your roll it on.

4. Get Clean


Washing on the regular with an antibacterial soap can help mitigate the stickiness of sweat. When your sweat mixes with the bacteria on skin, that's when you get an unpleasant odor. Showers are pretty cool.

5. Consider Botox


Botox isn't just the sole domain of the Real Housewives. For ladies whose sweat is taking over their life, getting Botox shots to the armpits is a real solution. Medline Plus outlines the medical uses of Botox to treat overactive sweat glands. Results can last anywhere from 3 months to a year. It's not as cheap as antiperspirant, but is an option if you prefer to avoid aluminum.

If you're worried your output is beyond normal, check out Healthline for indicators of what might be medical or medication-related sweating issues. Otherwise, dress cool, avoid spicy food, don't overheat, and keep your stress levels low. Looking good, lady. Looking good.

Images: Miguel Angel/Flickr; Giphy (5)