HBO Greenlights Jason Katims Relationship Drama Pilot & It Might Just Become Your New Favorite Show

Jason Katims is an incredibly well-respected writer and producer who's probably (at least in part) responsible for several of your favorite television shows and movies. If you're a fan of the likes of Parenthood , Friday Night Lights, Roswell, Boston Public, or My So-Called Life , you're a fan of Katims — and that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his lengthy career of making amazing shows in Hollywood. Now things have gotten a whole lot better, as HBO greenlit Katims' relationship drama Us. this week, an accomplishment Katims himself has described as a "dream come true".

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the plot of the hour long weekly drama is described as "a sweeping examination of the often baffling, sometimes unexpected but ultimately heart-wrenching ways love and human connection can be found today through a vast web of seemingly unconnected people." In other words, Us. will basically tear out our heart into a million and one pieces before handing it back and basically, that's exactly my kind of show. Plus, since the series will be on a premium network, things can get a lot more intense than we'd see on network TV, which can only be a help when it comes to dealing with relationships and their entanglements.

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As lucky as Katims feels for scoring the deal, HBO knows it's scored bigtime, as well, since Katims' talent is undeniable. As HBO's president head of programming, Michael Lombardo, said in a statement, "Jason is one of the most gifted writers working in television or any other medium, and we are thrilled that he will be bringing his unique storytelling talents to HBO." Ugh, can Us. not be on NOW? I'm already feeling desperate.

All that being said, this news is just the cherry on top of an already amazing Hollywood cake, as he's also recently branched out into the digital realm, having sold another original series called The Way — which stars none other than Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul — for online television streaming service Hulu. The series, which has been picked up for 10 episodes, will follow a family involved with a controversial faith-based movement and sounds really, really good. So as you can see, things are looking better than ever for Katims, whose brain must seriously be on the verge of exploding from having so many good ideas.

As for Us., it's uncertain when the series will begin airing on HBO or even how many episodes have been ordered, leaving us all in a bit of a holding pattern as we wait with bated breath for more news. If it's anything like any other show he's ever worked on, I'd say we're in for a serious treat.

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