6 Pieces of Beauty Advice That We All Ignore, Whether We Admit It Or Not

Maybe it's because we're lazy or maybe we just don't agree with it, but beauty advice is only as good as its ease of execution, and there are definitely tips out there almost all of us typically ignore. OK, I'm sure you have that one friend (and you might even be the girl I'm referring to) who always takes her beauty regime seriously and never skips out on a night of washing her face before bed. Yes, there are the ladies out there who are super committed to the time-tested pieces of advice that are perfectly good for us, but I'm willing to bet there's a whole load of women who shirk those well-known beauty tips for one reason or another.

I will readily admit that totally don't follow the rules. A true lazy girl in the beauty department, I'm not afraid of short cuts, even if I just might regret them later. For all its cons, I'm hopeful there's some pros to my "living in the moment" philosophy, even if the only one I can think of right now is that I might save myself some time here and there, and that, hey, discipline in some areas of life can be overrated.

Here are six beauty tips that I totally ignore, and I'd venture to guess that you might, too.

1. Don't pop your pimples

I've never known how anyone can just let them be. I know, I know — it's better for you not to pop them to eliminate scarring, but it's a bubble formed right on your chin or cheek or nose with puss just waiting to be let out! Totally gross, I know, but the little whiteheads, no matter how small, always annoy me so much that the risk of a little scarring doesn't scare me.

2. Only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair

I know conditioning all of your hair is unnecessary and can actually make you have to wash your hair more, but there's nothing like running your fingers through smooth, soft hair in the shower.

3. Let your moisturizer soak in before applying foundation

If I even add a moisturizer before I start putting on my makeup (lately I've even been lazy on that!) I usually don't let it sit for a minute before I start putting on foundation, but apparently, it's good to do so in order for your face to get the most coverage from your foundation. Otherwise, your moisturizer can thin out your makeup. But I'm sure some of us don't worry that much about it, because we're usually in a hurry doing our makeup.

4. Spray on perfume before you get dressed

It's actually better to allow your perfume to interact with your skin instead of your clothing, but how many times do we love to spray on our favorite fragrance after we've put on our outfit?

5. Don't forget about moisturizing your neck

When we're applying our sunscreen or night-time moisturizer, we're often reminded to go on past our chins and apply the stuff to our neck as well, but it's another tip that often goes ignored. For some reason it just doesn't seem as important as our facial skin.

6. Wash off makeup before going to sleep

Ever get in from a night out and collapse on your bed? Yep, that's how I end up sleeping in my makeup, too. Heck, even when I've been in all evening, I might skip out on washing my face before bed. I'm sure plenty of you are cringing while reading this, because you just can't even imagine, but there are tons of women out there who have my back, too.

Images: Caitlin Regan/Flickr; Giphy (1)