Is Matt McGorry Returning to 'OITNB'?

The internet has a funny way of making the behind the scenes aspects of Hollywood public in many new and exciting ways. Did you ever in your lives think that you'd be this interested in the small print of an actor's contract? Yet here I am, wondering if some legalese can tell me if Matt McGorry is coming back to Orange is the New Black? His character, John Bennett, left at the beginning of the season, effectively abandoning his child and sweetheart.

Unfortunately, information regarding the contracts of neither the Orange is the New Black cast nor the How to Get Away with Murder cast are available for public consumption. The mystery of Matt McGorry's reappearance isn't quite as complicated as Kit Harington's is with Game of Thrones. We know nothing (about) John Bennett.

Matt McGorry is, of course, also starring on How to Get Away with Murder on ABC as the hilarious Asher Millstone. However, unless Bennett's return is being kept seriously under the wraps of spoiler alerts, we'll have a decent idea soon. Season 4 of the Netflix series has already started filming in New York. Check it out — Danielle Brooks' instagram has already revealed (unless this is an unmarked #latergram) that Natasha Lyonne has not left Orange is the New Black as Nicky Nicholls!

You would think that there wouldn't be a scheduling conflict between the two shows, as one airs in the summer and one airs in the fall. The actor was on both series last season, why not next? However, this month at least Matt McGorry is in a different place entirely. He's doing press for How to Get Away with Murder all over the world.

Granted, Bennett only has to appear in one or two episodes to unbreak our hearts, right? He can show up at the end of the season, get Daya's baby out of the foster system and be a shining hero once and for all, can't he? What I'm saying is, there is still hope that we haven't seen the last of Orange is the New Black.However, the fact that he's literally on the other side of the world right now does not bode well for his character's return.

He also spoke to Vulture about how the relationship between Bennett and Daya is problematic by design, and how while Bennett wants desperately to be a hero, he tragically ends up failing. It seems like the actor himself doesn't think he's coming back, so maybe we should start letting go of the idea.

The really sad thing is, anyone who's keeping up with How to Get Away with Murder knows that Asher could be killed at any moment. It would be a shame if he somehow managed to go from two hit shows to zero.