Rihanna's Clothing Brand Name $CHOOL KILLS Is Almost Identical To Hyein Seo's Famous Design

It looks like Rihanna has a new fashion label in the works, but Korean-born designer Hyein Seo might be less than thrilled about the news. According to Fashionista, Rihanna's brand name $CHOOL KILLS is almost identical to Hyein Seo's phrase "School Kills," which is printed on many of her designs. There's currently no news the two are collaborating. So, did Rihanna get a little greedy?

Rihanna's been spotted in Seo's designs at Paris Fashion Week, the MTV Movie Awards, and even while touring with Eminem. She wore a shirt from the designer's Bad Education line on May 3, which the brand posted on Instagram. Eight days later, Rihanna's company, Roraj Trade, LLC, filed the "$CHOOL KILLS" trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Coincidence?

While a collab between the singer and designer would likely churn out the hottest glam streetwear ever, no one's hinted at a partnership yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, or else it's seriously less than awesome Rihanna would nab that signature design without any credit to Seo for inspiration.

This unfortunately isn't the first time Seo's had to deal with issues of plagiarism. Seo also seems to have been copy-catted by designer designer Phillip Plein recently. At least copying is the highest form of flattery? Hang in there and keep doing what you do, Seo!

Bustle has reached out to both Rihanna and Hyein Seo for comment.

Image Credits: Hyeinantwerp/Instagram (2)