Miley's New Look Better Not Catch On

Guys, we did something terrible. Like, as a society. We stopped talking about Miley Cyrus for almost two whole days, and so Miley Cyrus banished her eyebrows from existence. We will all have to live with the consequences. OK, to be fair, she just bleached them. BUT IT'S STILL TERRIFYING.

That bleaching was revealed in an (otherwise adorable) instagrammed shot of Cyrus wagging her famous tongue right up on Lily Allen's face. Without eyebrows. Or rather, with eyebrows, but with eyebrows that deeply upset us.

In all honesty, girl can do whatever she wants to do to her body/face/eyebrows/general life, it's her choice, yada yada yada. She's gotta do Miley and I think we've learned at this point that "doing Miley" often means, well, stuff like this.

And once again, it's not like she's blazing any trails here: Lady Gaga did this before, and countless drag queens before them (it always comes back to the drag queens). But we swear to god, if a banishing/bleaching of eyebrows come into style because of this Ms. Cyrus will have us to answer to. Although Matt Smith and Whoopi Goldberg will probably thank her.

In other but related news, Allen recently referred to Cyrus (complimentarily) as a "bitch rising," which is a phrase we find ourselves really enjoying and now find ourselves with the urge to start a pop music career just so we can use that as our debut album title.

Image: Instagram