Yunus & Eliza Made That 'Game of Thrones' Necklace

Despite the season finale of Game of Thrones happening a week and a half ago, a lot of us are still reeling from a major death. While the pain of that loss can't be lessened, one slice of solace may be found. We've discovered that Yunus & Eliza designed Daenerys Targaryen's dragon neckline in the penultimate episode of the season, and their other everyday work is just as stunning.

The internet was ablaze after glimpsing the gorgeous sterling silver piece, and many were looking for places to shop Dany-inspired dragon jewelry. Who could blame them? Now that we know who created the epic necklace, we're free to shop their other amazing designs. However, before we take a look at them, we've got to mention some of their other collaborations. Back in 2013, Jack the Giant Slayer staring Nicholas Hoult and directed by Bryan Singer premiered, and while the film didn't do quite as well as expected, Yunus & Eliza's cuff created for the character of Princess Isabelle stole fashion of the film. They designers were also the masterminds behind the 2013 facial sculptures featured on the Fyodor Golan runway at London Fashion Week.

While Dany's necklace, the princess's cuff, and models' massive facial jewelry are all epic in their own right, they're not exactly wearable. But just check out how stunning Dany's necklace and the piece for Jack the Giant Slayer really are!

While you may be having serious jewelry envy, you don't have to worry! You can have equally as epic but more everyday suitable pieces because Yunus & Eliza creates perfectly daring accessories.

1. Deco Bee Ring

This ring isn't short on amazing detailing.

2. Tied Up Cuff

For those of us who are more daring, this is some seriously sexy jewelry.

3. Claw Drop Necklace

Does this necklace remind you of anything? Like maybe a dragon claw?

4. Arrow Earrings

These stunning earring are perfect for the Arrow fan in your life.

5. Messenger Ring

This ring is completely epic and totally Greek mythology inspired.

Images: Yunus & Eliza/Instagram(2)/Photos courtesy of brands (5)