7 Hilarious Bernie Sanders Memes That Make His Unexpected Success Against Hillary Clinton A Political Comedy

Since announcing his run for the presidency in April, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has made quite a name for himself — and quite a face for memes. Known for his wild hair and his very left-of-center ideas, Sanders is waging a war that pretty much no one ever thought he'd win. Yet despite all of our jokes, Sanders is gaining ground against his toughest opponent, Hillary Clinton. He doesn't have the nomination yet — and he may never actually get it — but Sanders' unexpected success could give Clinton a run for her money.

In April, a CNN poll suggested that Sanders had the support of just 5 percent of Democratic voters nationwide. A NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Sanders with 15 percent of the Democratic vote. That still pales in comparison to Clinton's 75 percent, but Sanders is also gaining on a more local level, in states where it could really count.

In New Hampshire, Sanders fell just 12 points behind Clinton, according to a Morning Consult poll. New Hampshire, in particular, is significant for a few reasons. It's the first primary; Sanders hails from neighboring Vermont; and Clinton won the state in her 2008 race against Barack Obama. In Wisconsin, the race could be even closer. A straw poll from early June placed Sanders just 8 points behind Clinton, who had 48 percent of the Democratic vote. His relative success may be unexpected, but it certainly hasn't gone unnoticed by the Internet.

If this is true, then female candidates like Clinton and Carly Fiorina can probably stop wasting time with hair and makeup before every appearance.

Really, Sanders' success should remind us all that you can finish strong no matter how many people saw you show up in the beginning.

Turns out, Sanders actually did show up — for 33 years. What you didn't know was that this election is just his way of saying "HA" to all the haters.

Along with that "HA," Sanders can wave that finger in the air proudly, knowing that he's actually close to coming in second. Or maybe first… maybe.

…and his hair wasn't even that messy at that point. I just hope all of those Day One supporters got their jumbo Bernie Sanders mugs with their donations.

In this one, I'd like to think of Buzz and Woody as one of those early Sanders supporters. #cringing

Regina, just because fetch didn't happen, doesn't mean Bernie Sanders can't happen. Look at the gains he's making!

Sanders still has a long way to go, that's for sure. But in a race that has long seemed over, it's nice to see some competition. Apparently, the Internet thinks so, too.

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