Makeup Artist Turns Into Ruby Rose From 'OITNB'

by Stephanie Chon

If you're not a follower of all the incredible YouTube videos featuring amazing makeup transformations, then you've definitely missed out on the epic makeover that YouTuber Kandee Johnson recently did. In her latest YouTube upload, makeup artist Kandee Johnson transformed into Ruby Rose from the ever-popular TV series, Orange Is The New Black. If you're not too familiar with Johnson's work, she's known for creating scarily accurate makeovers to look like fictional characters, celebrities, and cartoons. She has over two million subscribers on her YouTube channel and one of her most popular makeover transformations was her Barbie doll video. From the platinum hair to the perfect falsies and, of course, that signature Barbie pink lip color, Johnson looked exactly like the iconic doll.

Because she is known to pay very meticulous attention to all the different details of the subjects she mimics, it goes without saying that she completely nailed the Ruby Rose look — especially since she naturally resembles Rose, IMHO. Even the majority of her Twitter followers have been telling her to transform into Rose for that very reason. And naturally, as a makeup artist, Rose had to accept the challenge, which by the end of the hyperlapsed video did not look like a challenge for her at all. Check out her mad contouring and lip-lining skills for yourself:

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Image: Kandee Johnson/YouTube