11 Gay Wedding Cards That Celebrate Your Favorite Same-Sex Couple On Their Incredibly Special Day

Your favorite couple is getting married, and you're looking for the perfect words to tell them just how happy you are to be celebrating their love with them on their big — no, huge — day. Before you make a quick trip to the card aisle of your nearest drugstore, I suggest taking a peek at these gay wedding cards instead for something a bit more unique and heartfelt. Now that same-sex marriage bans have been ruled unconstitutional (finally!), I have a feeling you're going to be needing more than one of these in the pretty near future.

Image: Etsy

Silhouette Card

Congratulations! Your love is a head above the rest.

Card, $4, Etsy

Just Married Card

They drove off into the sunset, and then the happy couple lived happily ever after.

Card, $6, Etsy

Rainbow Card

Forget the pot of gold — the real treasure at the end of the rainbow is eternal love and happiness.

Card, $4, Etsy

Perfect Pair Card

Seriously, you can’t beat that hand.

Card, $4.50, Etsy

Nothing Can Stop Our Love Card

… so don’t even think about trying.

Card, $4, Etsy

Hipster Card

For that beautiful bearded couple everyone seems to know.

Card, $3.80, Etsy

Mrs. And Mrs. Card

Simple, beautiful, and straight to the point.

Card, $4, Etsy

You Are Perfect Card

Not only that, but you’ve found someone else who is just as perfect too. Congrats!

Card, $4, Etsy

Chicks Card

Here come the brides!

Card, $3.75, Etsy

Dream Boat Card

Indeed he did!

Card, $5, Etsy

Adults Card

Ahhh, marriage.

Card, $4.44, Etsy