Givenchy’s Fall 2015 Collection Is Full Of Strong, Masculine Pieces — And A Stunning Photo Of Donatella Versace

Can fall just hurry up and get here? Why, you ask, when summer and dressing in light, airy, and, well, less clothes are so much fun? Well, Givenchy's Fall 2015 campaign and collection is strong, masculine, tailored, and full of black, red, and florals, ripe for autumn. It's also crazy fierce. The cuts are alternately clean and loose, but they are all striking and I cannot stop looking at every outfit.

The campaign also features men in skirts and kilts. The lines of the clothes may be clear, but other lines are delightfully blurred.

My instant, initial reaction to Riccardo Tisci and Givenchy recruiting fellow designer (and competitor) Donatella Versace to be the face of their latest campaign was a bit gimmicky, since I wondered why would one designer promote another's work, since they are both fighting for space and attention in the luxury market?

Then I smartly realized that hey, there's always plenty of room at the high-end fashion table for long-standing, revered brands. I understood that this kind of support was a beautiful thing. Why not support your peers?! The Donatella-for-Givenchy ad has also arrived and it's as stark and gorgeous as you'd expect, with the Versace guru posing in all black, her face framed by her signature long and platinum locks and enhanced by her sooty, rimmed eyes.

From the way that Donatella is wrapping her arms around herself to the architectural, peplum-like top, nothing but strength is projected here.

As an all-black wearer, I'd wear every piece in this image. The intricate detailing on each tailored outfit prevents it from being boringly monochromatic... as if that could ever happen anyway.

Men in black... stripes! What a trio of sharp-dressed gents. What impeccable, clean lines.

Florals and face jewelry—what a combo. I love the ruching, old-fashioned booties, and the frontier inspo in these frocks, which have more flow than the LBDs and all-black ensembles.

I can get down with all this red piping. It's romantic and gothic, but not goth.

Men in skirts and pants... and vests.

There's a lot going on in each of these ensembles, but they mesh so well.

Images: Givenchy (6)