8 Memes That Perfectly Describe What It's Like To Deal With A Fuccboi

Oh, fuckboys. The scourge of every woman's life. And every man's. They're a goddamn scourge whether they're in your life romantically or otherwise. Actually, fuckboys are a bane on the existence of absolutely everyone that isn't a fuckboy. You think you've got it bad because you dated a fuckboy? Imagine being a fuckboy's mother. Yeah, that made you feel like you got off light, didn't it? If you're not familiar with what a fuckboy is, I've already written this handy guide. It's basically just the kind of guy who disrespects women, is cowardly and lazy, went to see Entourage with his "boys" on opening weekend, thinks Vegas is classy and drinks any alcohol endorsed by a rapper.

The problem with fuckboys is they're eternal. For every fuckboy that grows up, gets a job in a fast food restaurant and disappears into his mother's basement, five more young hatchlings spring up in his place. For every Kevin Federline, there's a Justin Bieber, a Chris Brown, and those three guys who stand on the corner of your block and catcall you every time you're on your way to yoga class. Fuckboys just don't know when to quit, and we're stuck with them. Here are some great memes that truly encapsulate the mood of what it's like to have to deal with a fuckboy:

1. Tired Kim Kardashian

Dealing with fuckboys is tiring. Kim knows it. She might be have her fairytale ending, but she's seen some shit getting there.

2. This "over it" kiss

Once you realize someone might be a fuckboy, and the "how do I get out of this" sets in, your affection/willingness to spend time with them/interest in them starts to become reluctant, but they're such a narcissistic fuckboy they don't even notice you losing interest.

3. This capitulation of feelings

The process of discovering a fuckboy is a painful one.

4. This clear message

But once you realize someone's a fuckboy, you're all about ignoring them.

5. This triumphant Black Swan

There's something very satisfying about dumping a fuckboy before he gets to fuckboy you over.

6. This perfect advice for dealing with a fuckboy

This is what it feels like when a fuckboy approaches you unsolicited and tries to make it happen.

7. This simple math

Fuckboys think women are difficult/crazy/burdensome when in fact, women only want one thing: the fuckboy not to be a fuckboy.

8. More from the Kardashians

Because sometimes dealing with a fuckboy can be a source of great laughs with friends.