All The Ways Bobby Jindal's Campaign Logo Leaves Me Speechless (And Don't Get Me Started On His Actual Campaign)

If there's anything worse than Bobby Jindal's tenure as governor, it just might be the way his presidential campaign has been marketed. People the world over are mocking Jindal's campaign logo, and I, a Louisiana resident, am most certainly one of them. After having to suffer Jindal running Louisiana into the ground for two straight terms, citizens have taken to mocking the governor like it's our state past time. Just as Jindal gives us so much fodder, so too does his terrible logo. Somehow Jindal thought ahead and decided to only use his last name rather than both initials for fear of mockery.

Jindal's never been one to give the people of Louisiana — nay, the world — much credit, though.

  • The sad J looks like an ironic graphic designer decided to toy with the anti-Obama candidate by making it look as much like the president's campaign logo as he could get away with.
  • The J starts and terminates at a really weird angle, as if unfinished. It almost looks like they were aiming for the letter U but the rest of the letter couldn't stand being associated with Jindal and just up and left.
  • It might just be more awkward than that bizarre announcement video with his kids looking bored as can be.

Not even Jindal's own website seems to like the logo. Scrolling down to his most recent updates obscures what might be the logo on its side or upside down, fallen over and begging for help as it tries to flee a campaign that has such little chance of succeeding that GOP voters are choosing "none of the above" over the Louisiana governor. Likewise, his "you in?" campaign is just as amateur. Asking a voter if they support you with an incomplete sentence reminiscent of something you'd hear going tubing with your frat bros on the Mississippi doesn't exactly scream presidential.

Oddly, what Jindal does succeed in when it comes to campaign branding is establishing his deep and undying love of Duck Dynasty despite capping film tax credits, potentially losing the state millions despite the recent uptick in films being made in Louisiana. Hollywood South still gets Jindal and his whole campaign team starstruck. A list on his website of fun facts comes with a teaser photo of Jindal meeting one of the reality stars.

Even his campaign team has gotten in on the action. According to CNN, Jindal's chief strategist Curt Anderson likened their approach to, well, duck-hunting. "We're going to hunt where the ducks are," says Anderson, because nothing says being equipped to run the country quite like equating campaigning to hunting.

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