'Catfish' Season 4 Trailer Gives Us 8 Reasons To Be Psyched For The New Season, As If We Needed More — VIDEO

We have to wait only two weeks before Catfish returns, and, on Thursday, Nev and Max released an intense new Catfish Season 4 trailer. And I mean INTENSE. Packed into these 60 seconds, we see potential murder (yes, MURDER), a 50 year old pervert, and the boys dealing with cops. Ever since their movie coined the phrase in 2010, Catfishing has become an increasingly larger phenomenon in modern life, particularly as online dating and social media keep continuing to develop.

Catfishing is such a phenomenon that there is even a National Catfish Day, which just so happens to be on Thursday. On the holiday, we honor the history of the institution by remembering people like Nortre Dame football player Manti Te'o, whose girlfriend tragically died of cancer during the college football season, and also didn't exist. We also honor Jack Kennedy, who was Catfished on Grindr with pictures OF HIMSELF.

Yes, things are awful in this crazy world of the Internet, and Nev and Max keep building on the momentum of these increasingly bizarre true stories, and promise to up the ante in Season 4. Here are reasons we're getting pumped for the new season of Catfish.

1. We've Never Seen Max So Excited

"It's a 50 year old pervert! That's who you fear you're talking to on the Internet," Max says, in a way that makes it seem like this is everything Catfish — and his life — has been gearing towards.

2. Nev's Facial Expressions

The picture speaks for itself.

3. Someone Messaging From Behind Bars

"If she's in jail, how is she doing this?" Nev says at his computer. What does this mean? Does he know that it's the premise of the 2009 crime drama Law Abiding Citizen starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler?

4. Quotable Quotes

Catfish features people from all over the country and at their most vulnerable and angry, so Nev always manages to get interesting or touching quotes out of them. "It's more than feelings, we were supposed to be in love," a tearful woman tells Nev in the trailer.

5. Catfish Catfights

We hear a Catfishee say, "If she tries to fight me, are you guys gonna hold her back?" Personally, I would trust Nev to back me up in a fight.

6. The Police Get Involved

"Why are the cops here?" we hear someone say. I guess we'll find out (but we assume it's NOT for Nev throwing that guy's phone into the lake, he's clearly gotten away with that one.)


Nev, Max and a Catfishee are on a couch discussing how the Catfishee was on the phone with a Catfisher when they may or may not have committed murder. This is potentially the most interesting case yet. Someone call Annalise Keating.

8. Nev and Max's Chemistry is Still the Best

Best friends. Collaborators. Detectives. These guys have the best bromance on TV, and I can't wait to watch a fourth season of it.

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