'Foodies,' A Dark Documentary?

There are some people who bristle at the very word "foodie." Like hipster, the term is so broad it becomes almost meaningless. A foodie can be a kombucha-brewing urban gardener obsessed with pickling or a jet-setting former model eating what look like sculptures made from shellfish, parsley and pixie dust. So just to be clear: An upcoming documentary about foodies is focused on the latter type.

Foodies: The Culinary Jetset focuses on "the fine dining subculture of foodies." The film features a group of people that the directors call "slightly bizarre but charming food maniacs." This includes Lithuanian model and food blogger Aiste Regina, food critic Andy Hayler and food writer and photographer Katie Keiko Tam. Here's the Foodies trailer:

I don't know what this says about me, but the old, chubby dudes in this trailer make me gag a little, while the others seem okay. I don't know if that's an effect of appearance, personality or both. SFist said the film looks hilarious and sad. "Some of this food does look fantastic," writes Jay Barmann, "but there's no doubt a sort of darkness about the look of the film, and an implicit critique of this kind of incessant decadence and consumption." I'm not sure I got that from this trailer, but I think I would rather see a documentary about windowsill kale-growing beet canners than some of the folks in this film. (Though bald guy is right: Champagne goes with everything.)

It'll be out in February 2014.

Image: Facebook.com/Luxeat