These Straight Celebs Were Waiting For Marriage Equality To Tie The Knot, So Expect Your Wedding Invite Very Soon

If they like it, they can now put a ring on it! Not that straight people have been legally barred from marrying the person they love, of course. But some straight Hollywood stars have put any wedding plans they had on hold for the sake of waiting it out for marriage equality. Now that the Supreme Court made the landmark decision that bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, a few straight celebrities who were waiting in support of gay couples can now get hitched, too!

It is worth applauding straight celebrities who have postponed marriage plans in order to wait for marriage equality for their gay peers. As gay and lesbian couples know all too well, it is difficult to wait to marry someone that you really love due to a lawmaker's decision. It is so difficult that in some cases, celebrities who originally made this promise ended up getting married anyway, for a variety of reasons (such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who may have married because of their children wanting them to). But some celebrities completed the challenge, and may well ending up getting down on one knee now. Of course, this is not to say that they should get married immediately. But don't be shocked if you hear about wedding plans in the future from these stars.

Lena Dunham


The Girls star declared in early 2015 that she and her rocker boyfriend Jack Antonoff would not seal the deal until marriage equality was legal. The actress and steadfast supporter of LGBTQ rights told MTV News, "It’s not important to every one of my gay friends to be married, but it’s important to everyone that that right is available." But it sounds like the big moment was quite important to her. "If it happens in April, put a ring on it! It’s time!’” Dunham joked. “I’m basically just using it as an excuse to get proposed to.”

Jack Antonoff

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jack, are you listening to your lady? Antonoff, who also sounded off on gay rights had this to say to Pride Source over two years before the equality decision: "Being straight and standing up for gay rights is a statement that says 'this is everyone's issue.' We are not all free unless we are all free. Just because I was born into the elite class of straight Americans who have maximum rights does not mean that I won't fight as if it were me being denied human rights." So, ahem, Jack, now that this leg of the fight is over, is it time to get down on one knee?

Jason Mraz

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Mraz announced in 2011 that his wedding to his then-love Tristan Prettyman would be put on hold for marriage equality. The "I'm Yours" performer said, “The wedding would be nice for our family, our friends, our community — our moms especially — and so it puts us in the fight. We can’t get married until [gay] marriage is legal and equal… I think giving people the right to marry will be a huge movement in civil rights.” The couple later split, sadly. But now, when he finds his special lady, he’ll be able to split the wedding cake without any guilt!

Charlize Theron


In 2009, Theron made it known she was waiting specifically for marriage equality. The actress said on The View, “I don’t want to get married because right now the institution of marriage feels very one-sided, and I want to live in a country where we all have equal rights. I think it would be exactly the same if we were married, but for me to go through that kind of ceremony, because I have so many friends who are gays and lesbians who would so badly want to get married, that I wouldn’t be able to sleep with myself.” She’s reportedly not dating anyone now, as she's said to have just split from Sean Penn. But hey, once she meets The One, she can officially put a ring on it!

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