Emilia Clarke Shares Our Feels About Jon Snow

Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke says that she was just as surprised as everyone else, when Jon Snow was murdered in the final moments of the fifth season finale. In fact, Clarke thinks Jon Snow is still alive. Like the actress, I'm no longer convinced that the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch is dead and buried, though his death was still horrifying to witness. And, while his death definitely wasn't a spectacular display, it was still extremely cold and calculated. Clarke went on to say that, like Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, she knows nothing. Showrunners D. B. Weiss and David Benioff have kept the events surrounding the six season under wraps, even from the cast. This seems be a good thing considering the fact that Clarke describes herself as a "terrible liar."

Still, when MTV News asked her to throw her towel in the race, and bet on Jon coming back to life, Clarke said, "If I had to bet, I’d say there’s like a 50/50 chance. There’s some very helpful people there who could bring him on back to life." Clarke also said that she was sad to see Harrington go. However, if Jon Snow's death gets her closer to the Throne, then she would be OK with saying goodbye.

If Jon does rise from the dead next season, his resurrection is further proof that he just might be a Targaryen. This would mean that the R+L=J fan theory is probably true. Here are some things that could possibly happen if Jon Snow is, in fact, a Targaryen.

1. He & Daenerys Could Rule Together

If Daenerys' older bother Prince Rhaegar Targaryen was Jon Snow's real father, then Jon would be the true heir to the Iron Throne. However, he's going to need Daenerys' Unsullied and her dragons if he's going to defeat the Lannisters and the Boltons.

2. Dragons Could One Again Be Major Creatures in Westeros

Before Daenerys' dragons were birthed in a fire, dragons had not been seen in Westeros for 300 years. However, the last ones alive were possessed by the Targaryens. If Jon Snow is, in fact, a Targaryen, we might get to see a lot more dragons in the Seven Kingdoms.

3. Jon Snow & Daenerys Could Fight to the End for the Throne

Jon is known for his mild manner and fair tactics. However, the desire for power does terrible things to men. If Jon is resurrected, and he discovers that he is a Targaryen, he and Daenerys may fight against one another for control over the Iron Throne. If this happens, this would be a war larger then The Battle of the Blackwater, Battle of Winterfell and the Massacre at Hardhome combined.

4. Jon & Daenerys Might Get Married

OK, so, if the R+L=J theory is correct, Daenerys would technically be Jon's aunt. However, that's no where near as bad as the Lannister twins. If Jon and Daenerys do somehow end up getting married, their child would be the ultimate Targaryen.

5. Jon Could Rescue Arya

Arya and Sanasa have suffered a great deal since their father's assassination. While Sansa seems to have finally found a champion in Theon Greyjoy aka Reek, Arya is suffering. The youngest Stark girl finally took her revenge on the disgusting Meryn Trant. However, in doing, so she enraged her mentor Jaqen H'ghar. I'm not sure what's going to happen to Arya, but she definitely could use her big brother's help. So, here is hoping Clarke is right in that Jon Snow's return is imminent, because we definitely need him on theshow.

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