'Vogue' Recreates Best 'Seinfeld' Gifs With 2015 Fashion Trends, And The Results Are Utterly Brilliant

Amazing news to kick off your weekend: All of Seinfeld is now on Hulu. That's right, all nine, glorious seasons of the comedy are up online, and no one is celebrating more than one certain fashion magazine. Teaming up with the streaming site, Vogue recreated the best Seinfeld gifs with a trendy 2015 makeover to give us the chicest way possible to recognize some of the show's greatest moments.

Vogue focused mostly on leading lady, Elaine Benes, giving what the magazine called a "modern makeover," which kept Elaine's '80s style but with bigger, more fashion-forward names., like Proenza Schuler and Saint Laurent. The fashion mag used Romanian model Andreea Diaconu to act out some of Elaine's most laugh-out-loud, and GIF-worthy moments. And don't worry Seinfeld-lovers, Jerry was not forgotten. Played by (ironically) creator of the "F__k Jerry" Instagram account, Elliot Tebele, the web personality definitely has Jerry's look down;.

Oh, and to make everything as Seinfeld-accurate as possible, the shoot took place in the replica of Jerry's apartment, which you can totally visit and recreate your favorite moments yourself (if you're not too busy watching Seinfeld, that is).

Check out some of Vogue's takes on Elaine's most...well, Elaine moments, and bask in it's awesomeness. You're welcome.

The Lipstick

The Ice Cream

The Dance

See the rest of Vogue's gifs here.

Images: Seinfeld/Hulu; Vogue.com (3), Giphy (3)