Kanye West, Zayn Malik, & Joe Jonas Are The Boy Band We Never Knew We Wanted — VIDEO

Presenting the newest boy band you never knew you wanted or needed featuring Kanye West, Zayn Malik, and Joe Jonas. What a trio, right? On Thursday, Jonas shared the photo on Twitter captioning it "#SQUAD," because apparently these three are best friends and hang together all the time. Who knew? The three attended the Louis Vuitton fashion show, where they sat really close together and looked somewhat unhappy (except Kanye who's wearing a slight smile) and uncomfortable. Don't believe me? Just check out the video below.

The fashion editor for GQ Thailand shared the video featuring the rapper, former One Direction member, and once Jonas Brothers singer. As you can see for yourself, the three are sitting there looking very blue (because of the lighting). While Jonas chats it up the man beside him, Malik and West sit next to one another not saying a word. Talk about an awkward silence. Now, I'm sure they spoke to each other while at the event, but this video makes it look like the two were at a loss for words. Maybe they were just uncomfortable because they had to sit basically on top of each other?

Whatever the case, I'm sure we're all thinking the same thing: West, Malik, and Jonas are totally going to either form the next boy band or record a song together, right? That's a genius idea if I do so say myself. And this isn't even the first time Malik and Jonas hung out together — they have a fashion show past! West could contribute his rapping skills. Malik could contribute those smooth dance talents. As for Jonas, he could sing and dance too.

With that said, I will sit here and try to wait patiently until the three announce they're going on tour together.