‘Empire Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed & Here’s How To Prepare Yourself For More Lyon Family Drama

To be honest, I've been thinking about the Empire Season 2 is starting since... well, basically since the day Season 1 ended last month. TV show hiatuses are basically the worst and they're torture for fans, but at least we know the wait will come to an end eventually. Fox has confirmed that Season 2 will premiere on Wednesday, September 23, which means that we have three months left to mull over what's happened so far and get excited about what's coming next. What insanity is gonna kick off, we don't really know, but I can't wait and I'm keeping the love alive until the show comes back.

If you're like me and Empire took over your life last season, you're probably feeling a little bereft because there's nothing on TV right now as addicting and downright delicious on the air right now. Seriously, the summer TV situation is dire. But it's cool, guys. We've got prep work that needs to be done before Season 2 starts. You want to be ready come fall, right? If you're pumped and have a little extra time on your hands (which you obviously do since Empire isn't on right now), I've got some ideas on how to fill it.

Re-Watch Season 1

Is there any better way to prep for an upcoming season of a show than by watching the last one? You need to refresh your memory about what happened and wrap your mind around all the little details that may have passed you by the first time around. Study it, because it was complicated and you don't want to feel lost when Season 1 stuff gets mentioned this fall.

Get Your Cookie-Inspired Wardrobe On Point

Cookie is the queen of everything, in my eyes, and what better way to celebrate her than by getting your own wardrobe Cookie-fied? Fox is amazing and has compiled most of her outfits on their website, along with links of where to buy them. I know a lot of Cookie's wardrobe is expensive, but even if you can't get the originals, you can at least by inspired by them, right?

Buy The Season 1 Soundtrack & Learn All The Songs

If you don't already own the Empire Season 1 soundtrack, I'm not sure what to say to you because it's so, so good and you're seriously missing out. Not only does it contain the songs you know and love from the show, but it's got some great guest appearances by real R&B stars like Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Hudson. No doubt you'll have new songs to learn come September, but you still need to know these ones.

Read Some Fanfic

When there are no actual episodes to watch, what better way to pass the time than by checking out some Empire fanfic? As in all fandoms, there are going to be some stories that are better than others, but if you do some digging, I'm sure there'll be some good ones. Also, you can read stories about your particular pairing. Whether you're into Andre and Rhonda's weird coupling, some AU Cookie and Lucious goodness, or Takeem fluff, there's something for everyone.

Develop Your Theories About What's Coming

What's going on with Andre and Rhonda (I mean, besides the obvious)? What's going to change at Empire now that Jamal's in charge? Will Lucious somehow get out of paying for Bunkie's murder? There's so much to consider, so it's best to get your ducks in a row now, even if you end up being wrong.

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