The Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Interpreted In Emojis

I started this morning excited about breakfast burritos. LITTLE DID I KNOW just how insanely awesome the day would get. Guys, we are actually experiencing history right now as the Supreme Court rules gay marriage bans as illegal. It is a truly joyful announcement. I have seriously been happy-crying since my coworker Gchatted me the news. There's celebratory snot everywhere and it's pretty hard to focus on anything else.

It's life-affirming to see all the positive comments and rainbows in my various social media feeds, too. The Internet has become a reliable source of legendary responses to reacting to huge international, national, and local events, and this tremendous same-sex marriage ruling is certainly no exception. Only hours after the announcement, a tidal wave of #lovewins memes came crashing onto everyone with a wifi connection. And TBH, I hope those waves of jubilee keep on crashing.

Reactions have varied a lot, but mostly in the rightfully, deliriously stoked realm. Unfortunately, though, not everyone shares this positive opinion. I say "unfortunately" for those who show negativity at this decision because, welp, there's not one damn thing they can do about it. Love wins, y'all. So if you're not game with that, learn to fix that.

In the meantime, let's review some reactions in light of this glorious declaration, as interpreted through emoji:

Most of the Internet waiting for and then hearing the big reveal:

Honestly? I have wanted marriage equality for as long as I can remember, but I never thought I'd see the day it was deemed legal nationally. I grew up in the Southeast and saw a lot of bigotry and homophobia. I had doubts, for sure. But guess what? I was wrong, and I am SO happy that's the case.

Parents of gay people texting their children, dropping heavy hints:

Several of my LGBTQ friends in relationships have received similar messages. Can you really blame these happy parents?

That pastor who promised to light himself on fire if the ban was outlawed:

Although there are sadly no updates on Rick Scarborough actually fulfilling said promise.

Justice Anthony Scalia, hiding in a hole somewhere (perhaps tropical):

Nice try, dude. Love wins. Love wins so hard.

Ariana Grande (who coincidentally has a birthday today):

Happy birthday, girl.

The Bustle office:

Both remote and HQs, honestly. I happy-cry-ate an entire bag of corn chips earlier. No shame.

Bartenders in New York's Chelsea neighborhood:

I am sure the love is palpable.

Harvey Milk from the great beyond:

This is everything he worked for in real life. Heartbreaking in the best possible way.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (our actual heart):

Marriage equality has been the badass woman's M.O. for a while now. Le sigh. Today is a good day.

People threatening to move to Canada in protest of the ban ending:

Sorry, bigots. Canada legalized gay marriage a decade ago. We've finally caught up.

Images: Getty Images; Beca Grimm(10)