Are Joe Jonas & Zayn Malik Friends? These Former Boy Banders Might Be Your New Fave Celebrity BFFs — PHOTOS

This one's for you, One Direction and Jonas Brothers fans. Whether you lean more towards one boy band over the other (or are against Nick Jonas for his words about Zayn Malik), who cares, because it looks like Joe Jonas and Zayn Malik are hanging out and becoming the latest celebrity BFFs. Do we have the next dynamic duo on our hands? It seems so, especially since the former boy banders were spotted together at the Louis Vuitton and Valentino 2016 spring/summer fashion shows.

So, are these two actually already best friends? I have no idea, but what does remain certain is that they've been chilling and posting photos together on social media. Plus, on more than one occasion Joe Jonas has spoken highly of Malik and One Direction. That's right, Jonas has been a fan of 1D for some time now, plus after Malik left One Direction, Jonas respected and understood his decision. If that doesn't say future BFFs, I don't know what does.

As Jonas told Clevver News in 2012 (when the Jonas Brothers were still together), he would have loved to tour with One Direction. Too bad that never happened! Whatever the case, the fact that the 25-year-old was willing to go on the road with 1D speaks volumes.

What speaks even louder is how much Jonas supported Malik on his huge decision of exiting 1D. He told,

You know I think it is more for the audience than the actual band. We are all human and we are going through so many twists and turns. Look, I went through it myself and Nick, my brother, tweeted the other day that sometimes you have to go through some tough decisions to find true happiness and I stick behind him on that.

He added,

I am so happy that we are now as close as we have ever been and I think they are going through their own thing, I don’t know it’s their business. You know it is not easy. They are under so much scrutiny in their spotlight. And to live a normal free life is difficult, sometimes you want to be a kid and you want to grow up. To find normalcy in the craziness is the most important.

As for Malik, he hasn't really commented about their friend status, but he did share the above photos, which means he's totally all about the two musicians becoming friends — or so I like to think. Whatever the case, these two would make great friends, an awesome squad, and probably a great single — whenever they decide to collaborate.