8 Small Victories That Every Shy Person Recognizes

The problem with open office spaces is we tend to forget that being introverted at the office is a very real thing. Not everyone wants to talk while working, have lunch with a big group, or make unnecessary small talk every morning. Some of us would rather just keep our heads down, work, and embrace what little solitude we have around the office. BuzzFeed Video took some time to examine small victories that every shy person will recognize, and it's relatable as all hell. Because you know what's better than having a 45-second elevator chat about nothing? Calmly floating down three floors in an enclosed space by yourself. It's heavenly.

The glow I get when thinking about elevator solitude is similar to the glow I get when I stop and think about what it'd be like to have Ryan Gosling show up at my door with a charcuterie platter. Feel me?

If you're an introvert (or have introverted tendencies) you will recognize each one of these blissful moments. Like when someone you desperately don't want to talk to doesn't bother to look up from their phone as they walk past you. Some would call it rude, but we'd call it sweet relief. Seriously. Bless the smartphone.

Here are 8 small victories only introverts will truly understand:

1. Empty elevators

Silence is golden.

2. Smartphones

That's right, just keep walking.

3. Schedules

When someone stops to chat and then immediately gets pulled into a meeting.

4. Forgetful servers

Cheers to servers who understand how to leave a customer alone.

5. Headphones

Half the time I'm wearing headphones, I'm not even playing music. I'm just trying to put out ~do not disturb~ vibes.

6. Email

When someone cancels a conference call and puts all the info in an email instead.

7. Friends who just let you listen

And we nod. And nod. And nod again.

8. An empty apartment (so you can let it all out)

And do whatever the hell you want.

Watch the full video:

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