Grace Coddington Has Two New Books For You

If you're obsessed with Vogue like me, I'm warning you now that what I'm about to say might be the best news ever. According to Fashionista, Vogue's longtime creative director Grace Coddington is releasing two new books in the year. Mark your calendars and make room on your bookshelf!

Coddington's first book is a reprint of her wonderful 2002 monograph, "Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue," and will be available Sept 14th. The monograph includes thirty years worth of photographs Coddington oversaw for spreads at both Vogue UK and American Vogue, as well as plenty of her personal anecdotes on working with celebs like Naomi Campbell and Manolo Blahnik. Glam pictures and insider stories? Yes, please.

The second book spans her work from 2002 onward, and will hit shelves sometime in the fall of 2016. Little else is known about it, but fingers crossed it includes some of Coddington's ridiculously awesome IG pictures full of funny high-fashion sketches and plenty of adorably fluffy cats.

These new books and her memoir released in 2012 have sparked some retirement rumors, but reps at Vogue claim 74-year-old Coddington has absolutely zero immediate plans to do so. And really, why should she? Get it done, girl!

Image Credit: TheRealGraceCoddington/Instagram