These Are The 5 Best Positions For Women

We can all agree that the missionary position is not news. These days, with a new sex position touted as the best left and right, few sex positions are new. But in the everlasting current of "must-try" poses, one thing can get lost in the mix: What's the best sex position for women? I asked a few experts to share their favorite techniques for women to experience the most pleasure in the bedroom. Dr. Kat Van Kirk, licensed marriage and sex therapist and resident sex expert at Adam and Eve, suggests such illuminative positions as belly to belly (a spin on traditional missionary) and something she calls "lazy sex." Jessica Drake, adult performer and sex educator, recommends special" doggy-style. Basically, as far as she's concerned, anything special will feel good for women. Well, it is nice to feel special. And intimacy expert Dr. Dawn Michael suggested woman on top and side by side sex.

Of course, there's no wrong position in which to have sex, and if you're enjoying a particular style or angle, that's fantastic. Even if you are, it never hurts to try out new positions every once in a while, and these three experts really went for it. Here are the descriptions of these seven "special" positions for ladies. (Though I doubt any men will complain.)

1. Belly To Belly

"She lays flat on her back. She opens her legs and he penetrates initially in missionary position, but then she closes her legs while he is still inserted. He then closes his legs and lowers his entire body down onto hers. Most women don't get enough clitoral stimulation. That being said, sometimes direct stimulation is too much for the average women. This position allows for his mons pubis (that fleshy area above his genitals), to be in perfect alignment with the area surrounding her clitoris, allowing for more diffuse sensation and face to face action." —Dr. Kat Van Kirk

2. Woman On Top

"When working with my female clients, it is important to empower them and let them know that they are sexy and can be in control of their own pleasure. ... Many of the positions that I recommend are ones where a woman can tease herself and have control over penetration as well as rhythm. Woman on top is one of the best positions, especially if [your partner] is on a couch leaning backwards. She can raise herself down or up, controlling the speed and motion. She can also use her thigh muscles to control the depth and hold on to his shoulders for balance. " —Dr. Dawn Michael

3. "Special" Doggy-Style

"Lie flat on your stomach, legs together. Same amazingly tight friction as "special" missionary, and depending on the size/shape of your partner, possible G-spot stimulation. At the same time, you can tuck a hand underneath you or palm a small vibe like the We Vibe Touch for clitoral orgasms." —Jessica Drake

4. Lazy Sex

"This position involves both partners laying on their backs perpendicular to one an other. He penetrates from behind while she lifts or folds her top leg over his hip. She can then stimulate her clitoris while he controls the pumping rhythm. This is the perfect position when you both have minimal energy. It also allows each of you to control your own orgasmic sensation, while allowing access to the breasts at the same time." —Dr. Kat Van Kirk

5. Side By Side

"Another great position is side by side, with her leg over his and her clitoris available to be stimulated by him — as well as controlling with her hips the depth of penetration." —Dr. Dawn Michael

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