Brandi Glanville Fans Don't Want To Hear This

After this most recent season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, pretty much every day is a hard day in the life of a Brandi Glanville fan. What with all of the criticism she faces on the regular from her haters, her cast mates, and even her own friends. I know the pain of being a Brandi Glanville fan all too well because I am one. (And if you have anything to say about that, you can just STOP. RIGHT. THERE.) There are a lot of things that people love to hate about Brandi Glanville, and, when they feel the need to share that with me, I go a little nuts.

Why? Because when people go on the attack about Glanville, they not only say the same things over and over again, but those things are usually super offensive to those of us who love her. Oh, and to women everywhere. That’s right. Because, if you really think about it, Brandi Glanville stands for a lot of things that tend to rile people up about us women folk. You know, like speaking up for herself and being the master of her own sexuality.

So before you even think about talking about how much she drinks, or how much sex she has, check out this list to make sure you’re not about to make a Brandi Glanville fan angry.

1. “She’s Such A B*tch.”

That is the perfect place to start. So, are you aware of the historically sexist context of that word? If not, you should look into it and make sure you’re not calling Brandi Glanville that because she speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to be real about who she is. Both of those things are actually positive traits.

2. "She Swears Too Much."

Can we all please get over this one? Just because those other housewives like to pretend to be proper doesn’t mean we should judge every woman by those standards. So Brandi gets mad and struggles to communicate effectively. Who doesn't?

3. "She Really Should Stop Tweeting."

No, she shouldn’t. Not ever. Brandi Glanville’s Twitter feed is my lifeblood, and if you take that away from me I will crash and burn.

4. "She Drinks Like A Fish."

There is nothing wrong with a little wine, OK?

5. "She’s Too Pretty."

Heh. Obviously.

6. "She Has Too Much Sex."

Please shut up.

7. "She Deserved to be Cheated On."

I’m going to give you a five second head start, and then I’m coming after you.

8. "She’s Mean."

OK, maybe a little. But in a way that is totally funny!

9. "She’s Not a Good Mom."

Hold on. Let me get all of my feminist theory books down from my shelf so I can throw them at your head.

Step back and stop hating on my favorite housewife. And take a look at all of that shade you’re throwing, please. If you have to throw it, make sure you’re not tearing a girl down just to feel better about yourself.

Image: NBC; Giphy (9)