Is Clark Working For Charles On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Trust No Kind Strangers During The Summer Of Answers

Trust no cute boys. That's what Pretty Little Liars has taught me, and given the track record on this show, it's a great rule to live by in Rosewood. Last Tuesday's episode of Pretty Little Liars introduced us to Clark, a new hot guy, and though we pretty much know nothing about him, the fact that he's here in Season 6 is enough reason to make me suspicious. Clark is the photographer who helps rescue Aria from the darkroom after she finds a note (and some pink hair dye) clearly left there for her by A. Clark and Aria then have a sweet conversation about their mutual love of photos, which leads to Clark offering up that he wants to work for National Geographic. Perfectly nice, normal conversation... and yet I'm still not sure Clark isn't on the A team.

Clark has been in exactly one Pretty Little Liars episode, "Don't Look Now," but he's hardly the first minor character to play a major role in this whole A business. I may be pulling at threads here, but hey, this is Pretty Little Liars: we're supposed to analyze the crap out of this! Here are four reasons why Clark could totally be working for Charles, if he's not Big A himself.

Exhibit A: He Showed Up Out Of The Blue

And then claimed to see absolutely no one walk by before Aria was locked in the dark room? Sorry, but that's a tad suspicious. Sure, A is quite the elusive enemy, but the timing is just a tad convenient.

Exhibit B: He Shares An Interest With A

OK, OK... Aria met him at a darkroom, so it's not unreasonable for Clark to be there to actually develop photographs. Of course, we can't forget who else loves to take pictures, and that's A himself. That's one of the ways that A systemically stalks the girls, and Clark seems to be pretty good with a camera.

Exhibit C: He's Flirting With Aria

Let's think for a moment about the guys that walk into Aria's life. There's Noel, who knew that Ali was alive the entire time and clearly has some wonky agenda of his own. There's Andrew, who might be a raging misogynist (assuming that manifesto wasn't forged by A, of course) and was a top Charles suspect for a while. Then there's Ezra, who has a bad habit of dating underage girls in order to write books about them. Sorry, Aria, but you attract some shady dudes.

Exhibit D: He's Adorable

What did I say? TRUST NO CUTE BOYS IN ROSEWOOD. For more theories and discussion of shady but hot guys, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast below.

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