12 'PLL' Quotes For Whatever Life Throws At You

by Caitlin Flynn

There are a lot of things about the Pretty Little Liars ' lives that I don't envy, especially all that business of being harassed by a masked stranger, accused of murder, and then kidnapped and held hostage by said masked stranger. And we still don't know who A is, despite all those empty promises. Don't think we've forgotten, ABC Family! On the other hand, they've got a lot going for them: sexy significant others, perfect wardrobes, and (of course) each other. They also have a knack for always maintaining a sense of humor and formulating witty comebacks in a matter of seconds. Ah, to be a teenager within a TV show. There just aren't all those awkward silences that are inevitable in our own lives!

Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer have spent a lot of their time trying to stay one step ahead of A and solve mysteries on their own, because we all know the Rosewood PD is 100 percent useless. But they've also been through plenty of situations we can relate to — family drama, romantic troubles, and dealing with a friend who doubles as a bully. That's what makes Pretty Little Liars so great and addictive — it's the perfect combination between mystery and relatable life situations.

If you're not quite as quick with your comebacks as the Liars, here are some PLL quotes to use in every situation life throws at you.

1. When You Decide To Have Cake For Breakfast

The heart wants what the heart wants. Who are you to deny yourself from doing the right thing?

2. When Finals Have Taken Over Your Life

What does the outside world look like again? I've forgotten.

3. When You Lose Your Phone & Have To Wait For The Replacement

Does your cell phone provider not understand how dire the situation is?

4. When You're Totally In The Holiday Spirit

Because, in the words of the very wise Buddy the Elf, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

5. When Someone Isn't Picking Up On Your Subtle Hints

It may be time to make them less subtle.

6. When Your Friends Doubt Your Culinary Abilities

There will be hell to pay if you don't change your tune and say "yes, please".

7. When Your Relatives Ask A Million Questions About Your Love Life, Job Search, Etc.

Can we just talk about the weather?

8. When You Really Don't Feel Like Studying For A Test

Uh... I think you led us astray here, Ali.

9. When Someone's Optimism Is Really Getting On Your Nerves

And don't even think about giving me some cheery comeback.

10. When You've Just Had The Worst Day Ever

If eating frosting straight from the jar is wrong, I don't want to be right.

11. When Someone Hurts Your BFF

They were badly mistaken if they believed they'd get away with it.

12. When Your Friend Tells You They Don't Watch Pretty Little Liars

Seriously, WHAT?!?

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