Check Out Twitter's Awesome Rainbow Emojis

The Supreme Court has officially ruled same-sex marriage bans are illegal and the country is in full on celebration mode. And social media is no exception — Twitter, for instance, has been adding rainbow emojis to celebratory hashtags. Tweets with #Pride now include an automatic rainbow flag and the hashtag #LoveWins comes with a rainbow heart. And basically everything is awesome.

Obviously, legal same-sex marriage isn't going to solve every problem for LGB people, but it is a huge milestone and worthy of some serious celebration. And celebrate the country has. From the Castro to Stonewall, from the White House to the Disney World castle to the Space Needle to Niagara Falls, from Maytag to Maybelline, from Game of Thrones to Sense8 , from YouTube videos to Facebook filters, the party is underway, and it probably isn't letting up for a while.

On Twitter, numerous hashtags related to the decision have been trending, including #AskTheNearestHippie, mocking Justice Scalia's dissenting opinion and more celebratory hashtags like #LoveWins. And Twitter decided that #LoveWins and #Pride deserved their own emojis, explaining, "This is a monumental day for equal rights," and encouraging everyone to get in on the fun.

Here are just some of the tweets featuring the emojis that are pouring in, from the one that started it all:

To all the ones that came afterwards:

Happy Pride everyone! And remember: Love Wins!