13 Music Videos With Killer Choreography

by Chelsea Mize

I am, by nature, a person who gets distracted easily. I have the attention span of a toddler or perhaps some type of rodent. How I made it through four years of college and two years of grad school, I couldn't tell you, especially since I wrote my master's thesis on my number one vice — music videos. Music videos are beautiful little pieces of art to me, especially those wonderful music videos with great choreography.

Watching music videos with great dancing is my number one distraction when I'm trying to work so I've decided to save myself the trouble of seeking them out and just putting all these music videos with incredible dancing and choreography in one easy-to-access place (and as a bonus, you get to enjoy them too).

These videos are like my babies; I've watched them hundreds of times and marveled at the choreography and the graceful way the performers' hips move. I have even tried to learn the choreography to many of these songs and my renditions of them have all gone horribly awry.

Nonetheless, if you like good dancing and some killer moves, then you, too, will enjoy these music videos just as much as I do, if not more. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it's a good group of music videos to ignite your groovy side. So put on your baggy pants and your crop top and get ready to embrace the hip-hop dancer inside you.

"Slave 4 U" — Britney Spears

Starting at 1:20, Brit Brit breaks it down in a dance sequence that undoubtedly petrified our parents as teenagers.

"Ride" — Ciara

First, her abs are insane. Second, I am embarrassed by the number of times I have tried that her dance moves on the ground from this video (it has yet to go well).

"Hips Don't Lie" — Shakira

Shakira has always been known for her dancing but the way her hips moved in "Hips Don't Lie" was some next level stuff.

"Caught Up" — Usher

Obviously this list won't be complete without (several) contributions by Usher.

"Beat It" — Michael Jackson

Because, duh.

"Run The World (Girls)" — Beyoncé

Learning the choreography and busting it out at a club is one of the key goals on my bucket list.

"She Knows" — Ne-Yo

The music video that singlehandedly inspired me to sign up for pole dancing classes.

"Suit & Tie" — Justin Timberlake

JT is the full package. He can sing, act, dance, and he's funny. Oh yes, and beautiful. In the video for "Suit & Tie," he busts out some of his signature moves.

"Goodies" — Ciara

Ciara's moves are legendary and even her old-school videos showcased her killer dancing.

"Get Right" — Jennifer Lopez

Once you get past the part of the music video with Jennifer Lopez's terrifying eyebrows, you get to the dancing and everything gets so much better.

"Beautiful Liar" — Beyoncé & Shakira

They say there's such a thing as too much of a good thing but when we're talking Beyoncé and Shakira, that's just not possible. I love how the video incorporates both of their dancing styles.

"Thriller" — Michael Jackson

The dance that changed the world.

"U Don't Have To Call" — Usher

In which Usher dances from dawn 'til dusk.