Are Emma Watson And Taylor Swift BFFs Now?

by Jennifer Still

When it comes to having the ultimate friend group, I think it's pretty safe to say that Taylor Swift is at the top of the game. Seriously, is there anyone she doesn't know? I'm pretty sure the answer is no. Swift knows supermodels, actors, fellow musicians... basically everyone who's anyone in Hollywood, and it's intimidating. I mean, I'm exhausted just keeping my small, close-knit group of girls straight, so imagine having literally dozens of women on speed dial 24/7? The life of an extrovert, I guess! But listen, the star's list of BFF candidates just got a little big longer, not to mention way more amazing: Emma Watson hit up Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour stop in London on Saturday, June 27, and that means they're soulmates now. Right?

They have to be! Not only did Watson catch Swift's concert, the actress then headed backstage with some lucky fans and a bunch of Swift's other famous friends, including Karlie Kloss and Lauren Aquilina. They chatted, posed for pictures, and basically ruined me forever because I need this BFF-ship to happen immediately. Just imagine what a Swift/Watson hangout session would be like! It'd be amazing, I assure you, and we'd all be jealous we weren't a part of it.

Here's what I imagine it'd be like:

Great Talks About Feminism

Both Watson and Swift have been outspoken when it comes to standing up for women's rights and fighting against sexism. Considering they're both so powerful in Hollywood, imagine what they could do with combined powers. It's almost too good to think about.

Cat Appreciation

Watson has two cats, Bubble and Domino, and Swift is cat mom of the infamous Olivia and Meredith. Together, they would be in cat heaven! Cats aren't necessarily social animals, but I'm sure they could arrange a play date between their pets and it would be amazing.

Prince Harry Discussion

Maybe it's just because Watson is English and Prince Harry is hot, but why WOULDN'T they talk about the fourth in line to the throne (whom Watson was once rumored to be dating?)? It just seems like a natural topic of conversation, if you ask me. Feel free to conference me in for that one.

Lots Of Snacks

What's the use of a hangout session if there aren't some seriously amazing snacks on hand? We already know Swift is a fan of Diet Coke, cookie dough, and cinnamon rolls, but Emma's interested in cooking her own Mexican and Italian food from scratch, so they are set for a FEAST.

So Many Jokes

Both Swift and Watson have always come across as super silly and seem to have great senses of humor, so it stands to reason that there'd be a LOT of jokes during a hangout session, and maybe even some prank calls. Because, you know, why not?

May the Swift-Watson bonding continue, because this is a celebrity friendship that's too good not to exist.

Images: Getty Images; Giphy (3)