'Orange Is The New Black' Stars Jackie Cruz, Yael Stone & More Are Living It Up At The NYC Pride Parade (PHOTOS)

It's only midway through, but the 2015 NYC Gay Pride Parade will go down in history as the most historic parade since the tradition started in 1970. For the first time in United States history, same-sex couples can marry in all 50 states. With the parade taking place just three days after the groundbreaking Supreme Court ruling, the celebration takes on a whole new meaning. This year, actors from of one of TV's most LGBQT friendly show are on hand to join in the festivities — stars of Netflix's Orange is the New Black are at the NYC Pride Parade, and they look like they couldn't be having a better time.

Leading the group is Jackie Cruz (Flaca), who seems to be in full Pride mode this Sunday, June 28. Leading up to the big event, Latina magazine handed over control of their Instagram feed to Cruz, and she has been posting away ever since. She is joined at the parade by her costars Adrienne Moore (Black Cindy), Yael Stone (Lorna), Lea DeLauria (Big Boo), and OITNB writer/producer Sara Hess. Not only have they ladies been working the crowd, they also have their own float in the parade, a gesture of just how much OITNB means to the LGBQT community and how much the community means to the show. Check out the photos below to see how Cruz, Moore, Stone, DeLauria, and Hess are celebrating this historic parade and amazing week with fans:

Pre-Parade Prep

Hess captured Moore and Cruz goofing around as they got ready for the parade. Hey, friends don't let friends get on floats without a boob check.


Moore and Cruz took the ultimate celebration shot as the parade began.

DeLauria Sports Epic Shirt

Like her character Carrie "Big Boo" Black, DeLauria is out and proud. I think Boo would love DeLauria's Pride shirt.

The Ladies Find An Activist In The Making

So much cute! Moore, Cruz, and Stone found an adorable junior activist in the crowd.

See, Stone Loves DeLauria's Shirt, Too

This group gives me all the #SquadGoals.

Cruz Shows Off An Amazing Crowd

Look at all of the awesome people who showed up to celebrate love and equality! It's a wonderful sight.

The OITNB Float

Cruz and Stone get down on the OITNB float.

And Then This Happened

Quick! Someone make sure the Internet did not explode from so much awesome.

The Ladies Pose With Some Cool OITNB And The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Cosplayers

Yes, that is Kimmy, Titus, and Crazy Eyes with the ladies. They should definitely get the best fans ever award.

Moore High Fives The Crowd

High fives for everyone!

Could these OITNB stars be having a better time?