Dencia Covered Herself In Hello Kitties

After Lady Gaga's many crazy looks at award shoes, from her all-meat suit to her entrance inside an egg, not many looks can truly shock me. Bright colors and throwback looks have been all the rage for stars like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, and it looks like there's a new member of the club. Cameroonian singer Dencia wore a white sparkly jumpsuit bedazzled with Hello Kitty dolls to the 2015 BET Awards, complete with a head tie that formed a rose on top of her head.

Dencia's sparkly white jumpsuit with a gold zipper down the middle is totally not surprising for an award show, but her embellishments sure were. On both shoulders, she had different sized Hello Kitty dolls patched on, making for some serious padded shoulders. The largest doll was attached onto her back, while a slew of little ones sat closer to the front.

Of course, no outfit is complete without stunner shades. Her sunnies, which featured metal caging, reminiscent of a football or baseball helmet. Definitely haven't seen anything like that before, and I've got to say, it's pretty cool. As for the head tie, called a "gele" in Southern and Western Africa, the pink fabric was coiled into a rose and placed on top of her head, leaving some bangs peeking out.

No look is complete without a killer pair of shoes, and Dencia's look was no exception. She paired her ensemble with white and pink platform shoes. Gotta hand it to her, Dencia definitely knows how to make an entrance. I wonder if she'll snuggle with those dolls post-show.

Images: @BETAwards, @nelson4lov/Twitter