Rihanna Previews Her New Video At The BET Awards

Once the 2015 BET Awards were officially running over 10 minutes late, I think everyone watching at home was getting a little exhausted. Luckily, Rihanna came to the rescue with a sneak peek of the "B**ch Better Have My Money" video that should've helped everyone to perk up a bit. The singer made one thing clear in her introduction of the teaser: we were only getting a brief glimpse of the video, which will be released in full on Tidal this Thursday. Luckily, the clip actually felt much longer, as it introduced a whole plot, and didn't even get to the actual song until the very end.

We barely even saw Rihanna in the teaser, as most of it focused on a blonde woman getting ready, draping herself in pearls and applying makeup in front of a decadent vanity. These scenes were cut with Rihanna taking boxes out of a trunk in the dark, dragging something towards a house, and more suspicious behavior. After the blonde woman exited her room with a small dog in her hand, she got into an elevator where Rihanna was waiting, looking like a complete badass next to the blonde leaning on a suitcase. The elevator doors closed and when they opened, the first woman was nowhere to be seen, with Rihanna now holding her dog. That's when "B**ch Better Have My Money" finally started to play, and the letters "BBHMM" flashed on the screen just after someone put the suitcase in a trunk while Rihanna lit a cigarette.

It was colorful, bizarre, attention-grabbing, and awesome all at once, and if Rihanna wanted to leave us totally desperate for more, she succeeded. I can't wait to see the full "B**ch Better Have My Money" video this Thursday and see where this odd plot goes. Watch the teaser below.