Lady Gaga Loves A Good Makeup-Free Selfie

Lady Gaga rarely goes bare... as in goes without makeup. Her face paint is her armor and part of her persona and style. So when Lady Gaga posts a no makeup selfie, it's surprising. It's such a rare occurrence in her fabulous and fashionable world. But what's even more shocking about Mother Monster's makeup-free photo is that she also posed with her beloved fans — called Little Monsters. And as it turns out, she's been going makeup-less on Instagram quite a bit lately.

Gaga is also rarely seen without heels or while in jeans, since her clothes are as much a part of her presentation and her image as her music. That is why we are blown away when the pop diva and fashion plate goes casual. But when she strips off the makeup while hanging out with her fans, it's like we're getting a little (and lovely) taste of Stefani Germanotta. It proves that Gaga isn't always "on" (nor should she feel she has to be) and that Stefani and Gaga are totally intertwined. Still, it's always refreshing to see her as she is.

Ma Monster hung out with her adoring fans in Chicago at a Pride event, judging from her caption. She paired her bare face with a red flannel and looked like she just woke up or rolled right out of bed to pose. Strip all the color and cosmetics away and she still grabs every eye in the room.

The Mother, scrubbed clean, and her Monsters.

Gaga also posted another photo of herself totally rocking out at a show in Downtown NYC without a lick of makeup. Don't you love how loose and candid she appears? She is enjoying music while in the moment.

Here's yet another photo of the star while playing piano, and she looks amazing and pretty makeup-free while pig-tailed. Is this her new trend? Minimal, if any, makeup and totally immersed in music? If so, I like it.

When she picked up a songwriting award earlier this month, she ditched liner, shadow, and mascara in favor of naked eyes. She even went with bleached out brows. She paired 'em with full, matte pink lips. It wasn't totally makeup-less but it was minimalist. Love it!

If this was too much of no makeup Gaga for you, here's a reminder of the fabulous brows, lashes, and eye makeup she is best known for.

Ditching her usual, done up looks every once in a while helped me to appreciate her fabulousness even more.

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (5)