This Is What Harry Styles With Makeup Looks Like

Like the roaring tides of a mighty ocean, I have learned to respect things that I do not control and cannot possibly understand, a phenomenon which includes and is not limited to the One Direction fandom. If you think Twitter is run by Twitter, you're wrong. Twitter is run almost exclusively by a fierce subset of Gen Z that can get a 1D hashtag trending faster than you can sneeze. Now our benevolent 1D overlords have gifted the internet with another one of their bizarre Twitter gems: specifically, this girl who looks just like Harry Styles with makeup.

Let me be clear about what is happening here, or at least as clear as my casual 1D listening brain can be. There is a photoshop of Harry Styles with makeup on his face that exists (because why not), and apparently, this girl in full makeup looks just like that version of Harry. Her boyfriend, Twitter user @Advil, posted a recent selfie of himself with his girlfriend alongside a picture of the photoshop. The internet promptly did what it does best, and went bonkers for it.

Here's the tweet that sent the One Direction fandom into a frenzy yesterday, so you can judge the similarity for yourself:

Abdul, the Twitter user behind the account, assured his many followers that it was simply the angle of the photo that made the similarity so striking. Ordinarily his girlfriend doesn't resemble the 1D crooner. This is far from his first brush with the fandom though, as he also got some Twitter love after posting a series of photos of himself with his little sister, who let him use her as excuse to get into a 1D concert.

I feel like at least once a week this ragtag internet fandom makes me smile, so thanks for that, guys. In the meantime, I'm going to get down to the bottom of this so we can all sleep at night again, because this? THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE. Here are all of my conspiracy theories regarding Harry Style's lady clone:

They are secret twins who were separated at birth

Commence the second revival of The Parent Trap.

They are a secret family, and the Harry Styles baby clone is their son

No, YOU'RE writing a nonsensical fanfiction in your head.

We can all be Harry Styles, if we just ~believe~

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. That was Shakespeare, but I feel like that applies here, too. Go out and follow your Harry Styles cloning bliss, guys. And be sure to share those pics to Twitter, because that is the only reason we do anything anymore, right?

Images: Getty Images; Giphy (2)