Lorde Is Lagerfeld's "Passion"

Lagerfeld and Lorde, Lorde and Lagerfeld, bet these are two names you never expected to hear together. And yet, they are two names that did come up together, at Karl Lagerfeld's talk at Sciences Po, one of France's foremost universities. Karl Lagerfeld said he loved Lorde's music and that she "sung for something we had," whatever that means. This really begs the question: What on god's green earth do these two stars have in common? Lagerfeld is what appears to be a cryogenically preserved humanoid whose prevailing themes are a hatred of fat people, excess and, though I'm loathe to admit it, a stunning design aesthetic. Lorde is a 17-year-old feminist badass with an edgy, low-key look.

Their values, their trajectories, their style, nothing could be more different and yet Karl Lagerfeld went so far as to call Lorde's music "his passion." What gives? I guess one could say that both Lagerfeld and Lorde have each taken an individual stance on how they wish to be represented in their respective industries, but those stances are worlds apart from one another, and also, we can't help but think that Lorde might just reject Karl Lagerfeld's... uh ...passion. So let's compare these two icons and inspirations, and see where, if at all, Lorde and Lagerfeld line up.

Lorde: Sings about humility and staying humble ("we'll never be royals/it doesn't run in our blood/that kind of luxe just ain't for us")

Lagerfeld: Says things like, "When I was four I asked my mother for a valet for my birthday." And means them.

Lorde: Just turned 17.

Lagerfeld: Looks to be a billion years old. Even if he's only 80.

Lorde: Told off Selena Gomez for her come hither lyrics in "Come And Get It" because they send a poor image to young girls.

Lagerfeld: Apparently hired strippers and porn stars for his 1993 show because ya know, why not.

Lorde: Said beautiful stars like Taylor Swift make young girls doubt themselves, preaches healthy body image.

Lagerfeld: Fat shamed Adele and said Pippa Middleton should only show her behind.

So yeah, basically these two have loads in common. But fashion is known for unlikely pairings... so maybe Karl Lagerfeld's love of Lorde can classed as such? If a Lagerfeld x Lorde music video and ready-to-wear collection comes out, we don't know what we'll do with ourselves.