9 Reasons to Fit In A Quickie Every Day

There so many good benefits to having sex every day. It's good for your health and your relationship. But if you're used to having sex right before bed, you may have gotten in the habit of it being quite a lengthy affair. Which is great, when you have a night in and nothing to do but shag between 7 p.m. and sleep time, but we don't always have time for that. Which is OK, because there's no reason not to squeeze in a quickie every day.

That is, a quick round of sex, without all the bells and whistles of your normal tryst (this isn't the time for roses and candlelight, although if you're as clumsy as I am it is never the time for candlelight). If you're not used to it, a quickie might take some getting used to, because the whole point is to be, well, quick. I would normally never say skimp on foreplay, but this is the exception — you can at least cut it a little short. Oh, and don't worry about getting undressed all the way (isn't that what skirts are for?) and definitely don't confine yourself to the bedroom, half the fun is doing it somewhere unexpected! Not convinced? Here are 9 reasons you should fit in a quickie every day:

1. A Change Of Scenery

OK, one of the most fun ways to keep things to mix things up is having sex somewhere you never have before. Even without being a full-blown exhibitionist, there's something hot about the change, especially if you're doing it somewhere semi-public. Because quickies are so short, you can try somewhere new without worrying so much about getting caught. If that's not your thing, try it in a different room or on the floor, you don't have to be quite as comfortable when you're not in it for the long haul!

2. Short Term Goals Are Important

Short term goals are important, they help you be more productive and boost your levels of motivation. Who says they can't be fun goals? Yes you should be exercising and eating your veggies and blah blah blah but also ORGASMS. Make that a goal.

3. Having Sex Makes You More Creative

One study showed that people who have sex every day are more creative. And plus, creativity is really sexy, so it's like some sexy-creative cycle. It's the best way to cure writer's block I've ever heard of.

4. Fuel The Desire

If you're suffering from a low sex drive, having regular sex is actually a good way to get your sex drive back up. As Prevention Magazine says "... about one-third of couples in American suffer from low sex drive or desire, and getting things back on track isn’t always as simple as splurging on a new negligee or booking a bed-and-breakfast getaway. However, many experts agree that simply putting sex back on your radar can help—the more you do it, the more you’ll want to."

5. Relationship Satisfaction

Sex has more benefits than just the sex itself. One study shows that having sex, even if you're not really in the mood for it to begin with, can give you a higher relationship satisfaction. So not only are you getting some quality time together, you're building your relationship all around.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

The more sex you have the better the sex will get. Especially if it's a quickie and you only have a bit of time to please each other, you really learn what pushes each other's buttons. They say learn something new every day, can't all of those things be what turns your partner on?

7. Your Health

There are so many health benefits of sex, and they're only compounded by doing it every day. It's good for your heart and for your skin. And one study showed that men who have an orgasm every day may have a lower prostate cancer risk, so let's get on this — quickly.

8. Exercise Your Imagination

Women's Health recommends that the best way to have a quickie is getting yourself worked up before hand by fantasizing. It's important to keep that imagination, sexual and otherwise, active. And if you're all revved up before hand it'll allow you to maximize the fun of the quickie,

9. Your Looks

One study showed that loving couples who had sex at least three times a week looked about 10 years younger than their actual age. So if you're having sex every day it's basically the fountain of youth and you'll never age and everything you touch will turn to gold and peanut butter cups and sparkles. (I have 0 degrees in science.)

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