"How To Hold A Baby," According To This Dad-Bro

You know, sometimes mansplaining isn't all bad. I can't believe I wrote that, but here's why: Sometimes, men mansplain basic life things to other men, and it's unique and perfect and a great way to pass down traditionally non-male information between men. Take, for instance, how to hold a baby. Like many baby-related things, most women have biological instincts. I remember when I was eight and my brother was born it was instinctive for me to hold him on my hip, without ever having seen someone else do it. Without meaning to gender stereotype, at least in my experience, there is a biology to feminine instinct that comes with child bearing and mothering, and certain things seem to come more naturally to women when it comes to children. Obviously, there are some things we all have to learn. Like how to change a diaper. That's, unfortunately/luckily (I'm not sure), not an instinct.

Anyway, this instructional video about how to hold a baby (men's edition), is pure gold. The dead pan delivery absolutely makes it, and if you're not giggling AND learning something from it, you're doing something wrong. The video shows different baby holding "styles" and I kind of love that the demonstrating dude in the video didn't even bother to put on a shirt that wasn't ripped. Here are some of the best baby holding styles:

1. My personal favorite

2. The practical hold

3. The proud dad

4. The regular way

5. The palm off

Meanwhile, watch the video below to see more ways to hold a baby!

Images: YouTube(5)