Julie Will Reveal The 'BB 17' Twin Soon Enough...

If fans are right, then the twin twist on Big Brother 17 is the show's worst kept secret. It took about .2 seconds for fans of the show to figure out that Big Brother houseguest Liz Nolan allegedly has a twin, yet the show itself keeps teasing the concept reveal to America because... Well, I don't know why. The idea that Liz is supposedly the twin feels like old news to those of us who have a computer, but alas, Julie Chen is holding out that official reveal until a later date. But how long are fans going to have to wait to hear the words straight from Julie's mouth?

Even though I am almost 100 percent sure that Liz is a twin, nothing has been confirmed by her or production. For all we know, someone else could be the twin and CBS is doing a marvelous job at keeping it hidden from America. In that case, let's throw a Hail Mary out for the twin being Clay (even though that would be known by the world at this point, since Clay is a local celebrity in his hometown). Whatever the case may be — or whoever the twist may be — we're most likely going to learn of it from Julie Chen on Thursday, July 2. Thursdays are the only live show days, and because Julie has been teasing us for what feels like forever — it's only been a week? — with the twin twist reveal, it will most likely be done on a night that she is there, in the studio.

In the meantime, the houseguests are putting their astuteness to the test through with these comments.

Along with if Liz is apart of the twist of the season, there are a few questions that are left to be unanswered that I'm hoping will be answered when Julie Chen takes the podium on Thursday.

  • Who is the twin? We need to definite answer, once and for all.
  • How often will the twins switch places in the game?
  • How much time will they get to debrief each other before re-entering the game?
  • Will they get to debrief one another?
  • What is considered to be exposing the twins as twins?
  • Can people mumble about it?
  • Does it have to be said loud and proud in the diary room?
  • Will the evicted houseguests learn about the twin twist as they are evicted?

So clearly there are a few questions that need to be answered once Julie is back during the live show on Thursday. Hopefully they'll lay down the law on this twist — I've been waiting for this twist revival since Season 5 — and we'll officially learn who will be giving us double takes all season long (if they last past Week 5).

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