Grandmas Try To Define Modern Slang

Modern slang is fairly bizarre. Like, I acknowledge that I say "tight" and "dope" and even "S.O." just as often as everyone else. But I still see how in 20 years we're going to look back and wonder what the hell we were trying to accomplish by using the word "sick" as something with a positive connotation. Elite Daily decided that the best course of action for our modern slang was to make grandmothers try to understand our 2015 jargon. So they put out a video in which grandmas attempt to define modern slang words. And these grandmothers are troopers. Honestly, I hope I'm this sharp when I'm in my 70s.

I'm apparently not as hip and informed as Elite Daily Labs, because I didn't know what "wavy" or "dead ass" meant. Why wasn't "AF" included in this? I would like to see another Elite Daily video that features these precious grandmas trying to decode our acronyms. Let's see if they can guess what "TBH" means. Who can I pitch this to?

These ladies got a fairly good education in terms of our 2015 slang. I wouldn't be surprised if they start describing most of their life experiences as "wavy" from now on.

Here are 10 slang words from 2015, and the grandmothers' responses:

1. Bae: Before all else

2. OD: Over doing it

3. Shade: Acting in a disrespectful manner

The grandmas thought it was the new word for "pimp."

4. Fuckboy: The opposite of a gentlemen

5. Ratchet: Wild, trashy

6. Turnt: To be excessively excited or intoxicated

7. Deadass: I'm serious

"Like... a dumbass? Or someone that's tired?"

8. Wavy: Positive, chill

9. Whip: Car

No one came close on this one. Watch the full video:

And don't forget to ask your grandparents if they know what a "whip" is.

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