She Just Took Down Her Big Sister's Title

by Kaitlin Reilly

If there's one family that knows how to work social media, it's the Jenner-Kardashian clan. Kim Kardashian may wear the Social Media Queen crown, but now it seems that one of her younger siblings has officially usurped her throne — at least when it comes to likes. Jenner recently surpassed Kardashian in number of Instagram likes per unique photo, and now officially has bragging rights over her big sis. Jenner's self-portrait of her hair intertwined in heart shapes was the one that stole social media users hearts, and was so "likable" that it beat out a photo of Kardashian kissing her husband Kanye West at their wedding.

Currently Jenner has roughly 2.6 million likes on that photo, while Kardashian has 2.4 million. Jenner may have beat out Kardashian, but the amount of likes on both photos are pretty insane — my own Instagram tends to cap out at 48 likes a picture, and that's usually because I snap pics of cute dogs and cookies. Clearly these women know how to work the social media game, and both are winning it, no matter the friendly competition between them. (Jenner tweeted out "Take that KimYe!" when news of her Instagram likes hit the web.)

Jenner may be winning now, but there's a good chance that Kardashian will one day surpass her little sister yet again — the women are just thisclose to beating one another out at any moment. Clearly these two have very similar Instagram strategies, so how do each of their 'grams compare? Here's where these ladies are getting all of their likes.

Selfies With Their BFFs

There's nothing that says friendship like a selfie that gets hundreds of thousands of likes.

High Fashion

These sisters are the masters of the sartorial.

Magazine Covers

There's a real chance that less people read these magazines than like their Instagram photos.

Squad Goals

Whether they are in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower or on the couches of a club, these women know how to gather their pals for a group shot.

The Bikini Shot

Their motto is (and always has been) "If you've got it, flaunt it. For the masses."

Goofy Family Pics

Apparently this is the family's go-to move.

Halloween Fun

Jenner goes goofy while Kardashian attempts scary-chic.

Strong Eyebrow Game

Getting flawless brows is the one thing that these ladies are better at than social media.