Whitney Port's Engaged, Cue The Bride Wars

If there are any brides-to-be out there, good luck surviving the intense wedding envy coming your way. The girl who existed on The Hills almost exclusively to provide glorious facial reactions to Lauren Conrad's stories, Whitney Port is engaged to boyfriend Tim Rosenman, reports Us Weekly.

If this news sounds familiar, it's because just about a month ago, Conrad herself announced her engagement to William Tell. Oh and that happened just a few days before her ex Jason Wahler got married. And then a week after that, Conrad's Laguna Beach and Hills costar/replacement Kristin Cavallari announced that she was expecting her second child with husband Jay Cutler.

So now you'll have two beautiful, trendy, bohemian, MTV-paid-for weddings to be jealous of, and more Laguna Beach and Hills news than you can handle. As all of this was happening, we posited the theory that the cast of Laguna Beach, and by extension The Hills, are constantly trying to one-up each other, and we just keep getting more and more evidence that it's true.

Don't be surprised if you hear some updates on Audrina Patridge in the next few weeks, or who knows, maybe Justin Bobby will finally get his act together. We wish Port the best for now, and here's some advice— enjoy the attention while it can. Someone else from The Hills or The City or Laguna Beach is out there right now, plotting their next move.

How do you feel about that, Whitney?

She's still got it.

Images: beingamessishard/Tumblr; That Tall Girl in Heels; ellalamode/Tumblr; heresgifsforyou/Tumblr