Robin From 'HIMYM' Would Be A Legendary Life Coach

by Tracy Dye

As one who makes re-watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother a semi-regular practice, I can say without a doubt that Robin Scherbatsky would make an excellent life coach. While Ted Mosby spent the series on a romantic trajectory in hopes of finding the woman of his dreams, Robin was always decidedly levelheaded. While I adore Ted and his unremitting optimism, he could sometimes go to extremes. Case in point, stealing a blue French horn from a restaurant for a woman you barely know — and subsequently telling said woman "I love you" — is a bit impulsive. Although some would argue that Robin was too apprehensive when it came to dating, she was self-aware in her recognition that career was a higher priority at certain junctures in her life. Moreover, Robin eventually did take strides in balancing her workload and romantic pursuits, but always stood her ground.

Robin proved herself to be a caring and supportive friend, but she was never afraid to speak her mind or offer some tough love when warranted. She also knew how to pick a good scotch, which is awesome all by itself. All the aforementioned and more are ingredients for the perfect life coach. If you doubt me, I've compiled a list of 11 ways Robin would be your go-to for legen — wait for it — dary life advice. Enjoy!

Never Let Yourself Get Hangry

Robin spent an entire episode of HIMYM complete hangry as the gang searched for the place Marshall described had the "perfect burger." She clearly learned from this and we never saw her hangry again.

Don't Rush Into Relationships

While Ted's grand romantic gesture of stealing Robin a blue French horn in Season 1 was cute and all, Robin was smart to pump the breaks on any potential relationship. Let's face it: Ted kind of put Robin on a pedestal without building a foundation of friendship and trust, which is integral to serious dating.

You're Not Going To Like Everyone

Don't force it.

Have Pride In Your Hometown, Eh?

Pay no mind to the hosers who want to deliver jabs based on your hometown, eh?

Sometimes People Need A Little Tough Love

Robin was never one to mince words, which is part of the reason we love her so much!

Own Your Past Embarrassments

While Robin was initially horrified by the gang's discovery of her past as a teenage pop star, she eventually embraced being formally known as "Robin Sparkles." I, personally, thought Sparkles and her hit "Let's Go To The Mall" were fabulous.

After A Bad Break-Up, Delete Your Ex's Number

Robin learned this the hard way...

Practice Self-Reflection

Robin could sometimes be overly cautious when it came to getting close to people. In later seasons, we saw her tackle this head-on and eventually overcome her fears. Bravo, Robin! Bravo.

Be Selective In Your Choice Of Scotch

That being said...

Don't Drink At Work

There's usually a policy against that.

Date Barney Stinson

OK, I understand that Barney is a fictional character, but my undying love for the legen — wait for it — dary actor Neil Patrick Harris is very real. Plus, I like to take any opportunity to celebrate the Robin and Barney coupling. I also made up an alternate ending to the series finale in my mind where they didn't get divorced, because — to me — breaking these two up was blasphemy.

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